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Endowment/Memorial Gifts

Endowment- Advancing the Mission of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School 

The McGill-Toolen Foundation Endowment sustains McGill-Toolen Catholic High School through fluctuations in enrollment and the economy, helps recruit and retain quality faculty and ensures our students have access to faith-enhancing experiences that deepen their faith.  A strong endowment ensures the McGill-Toolen Foundation carries out our mission in perpetuity.  The McGill-Toolen Foundation endowment grants an annual subsidy to the school that goes directly to the operational needs of the school. The endowment currently provides $100,000 annually to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.  The annual endowment assists in keeping McGill-Toolen’s tuition affordable by reducing the need for tuition aid and builds financial security for the future.  



Memorial gifts to the McGill-Toolen Foundation meet two important needs. First, the gift allows you to express your feelings at the loss of a loved one and second, the gift supports McGill-Toolen's unique and time-honored tradition of educational excellence. Memorial gifts may be restricted or unrestricted. Acknowledgement cards are sent to the bereaved family indicating your memorial gift was made without disclosing the amount of the gift.


It may give you comfort to know your gift is helping us to advance our mission of providing a quality education which enables our students to grow in faith; search for knowledge and truth in mind, body, and spirit; and to continue building the Kingdom of God on earth. 


                                  Memorials should be sent to:

McGill-Toolen Foundation

1501 Old Shell Road

Mobile, AL 36604




                                 Light of Life Memorial Campaign                                  

                                 In an effort to raise endowment funds, join the McGill-Toolen Foundation in the month of                                             December for our Inaugural Light of Life campaign.  The Light of Life campaign offers                                                 individuals a unique opportunity to honor their loved ones during the holiday season.  For your                                   generous gift, an ornament will be personalized with your loved one's name and will be placed                                   with loving care onto the Light of Life tree. The tree will be displayed in the McGill-Toolen                                             Catholic High School Agora where it will shine throughout the holiday season.


 Gift of $25-Star Ornament

    Gift of $50-Peace Ornament

      Gift of $100-Angel Ornament


           How to Donate to Light of Life:

         1. Online-click on the donate now button below

         2. Mail a check along with the Light of the Life form (right side panel)

          3. Call the McGill-Toolen Foundation office (251.445.2939)





      Endowment Funds Are Gifts That Secure the Future! 

"Do not forget that the future of humanity is in the hands of those… who are capable of providing the generations to come with reasons for life and optimism."

- St. John Paul II