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McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Transcript Release / Request

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Please complete this form and submit a copy of your driver's license (with the driver's license number marked out) to verify your identity.  The cost of the transcript is $6.00 and must be paid before submission is complete.  If the drivers' license and name listed on form do not match, no transcript will be sent.  

Your ACT and SAT scores are not included on your transcript.  You are responsible for sending your own scores to each college, if they have requested.  

No official (signed and stamped in sealed envelope) copies of transcript can be sent to the prior student, only unofficial.  Official copies are mailed or emailed directly to the college institution, company or work contact.  

College / School / Business Address

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Price: $6.00
Please upload a copy of your driver's license here. Please make sure to mark out the driver's license number. *
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Once this form is submitted, the Registrar will be notified and the transcript will be mailed.  

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