Alumni Home

Director of Enrollment and Alumni Affairs

Mrs. Jennifer Tolbert



Fall 2017 was a very special one for McGill-Toolen Catholic, and the Alumni Office has much to be thankful for.  To begin, a group of alumni headed up by Walter Verneuille MI ’71, joined forces with the McT Golf Program led by boys’ head coach Zach Golson, girls’ head coach Blake Stein, and John Racciatti to put on McGill-Toolen Catholic's third joint golf tournament.  The 29th Annual Joseph Perez Golf Tournament hosted 30 teams as 120 golfers played the Falls course at Magnolia Grove on Thursday, October 13th.  With members of the Perez family in attendance, a heartfelt welcome was given by Walter as he recalled how he and Jospeh Perez started this tournament to benefit our school almost 30 years ago.  The McT family rallied together to raise over $32,000 for both the Eleanor Marston Benz Library and the McT Golf Program.  The committee, also including Jason Brown, Ashley Muscat Burch MT ’87, and Kathleen and Russell Reilly, both MT ’85, worked extremely hard and we are grateful for our sponsors and the outpouring of support we received. 


Homecoming day brought on the Hall of Fame luncheon in the Eleanor Marston Benz Library.  We inducted four outstanding new Hall of Fame Members into the Class of 2017:  Andrew W. Cash MI ’73 and his wife, Teresa Wilhite Cash BT ’73; R. Gaynor McCown MT ’79 (Deceased); and David C. Morris MT ’98.  Their speeches were heartfelt and inspirational, reminding us just how important McT is to us and why we love coming home to it so much.


That evening, spirits were high as we celebrated Homecoming Under the Tent; a delicious meal courtesy of Felder Services lovingly cooked by our alumni headed up by Martin Andrews MT ’81, James Bronold MT ’80, Riley Copeland MT ’81, Ross Hutchisson MI ’60, Trey Hutchisson MT ’87, Bo McClinton MT ’88, Eddie McLean MT ’83, Bo Muscat MT ’86, Kevin Muscat MT ’88, and John Vulevich MT ’88.  We saw close to 1,000 guests that evening, and want to thank members of our CHSAAM committee who helped serve up the delicious food:  Leonard Allen MI ’71,  Tommy Ankerson MT ’96, Laura Cunningham Ball MT ’00, Gary J. Davis MI ’71, Diane Davis Fayard BT ’69 and Bill Wolfarth on behalf of his wife Mitzi Zalopany Wolfarth BT ’59.   What better way to come home to McT than with fried shrimp, good friends and lots of laughs?


On Wednesday, December 20th we hosted the 2nd Annual “Jacket Jingle” at Heroes Sports Bar and Grille in West Mobile to kick off the Christmas holidays in Jacket style.  We hope to hold more of these alumni socials throughout the year at various locations around town.  Please let me know if you are alumni and would like to host a social at your place of business! 


Over the past few months, I have watched our alumni give back to McT in the form of time, labor and resources.  I have heard them speak about how they have become the people they are today because of their time here and about the love and respect they had for their teachers and their classmates.  We have all been faithfully formed in mind, body and spirit, and for this we are truly grateful.  Always I will remember; Thy love shall rule for aye!




Jennifer D. Tolbert ’97