Here is the parent website link to access PowerSchool for grades, attendance, re-enrollment for the next school year, etc.  You will only be able to access PowerSchool if you have set up your permanent PowerSchool account using the access ID and access password provided to you from the guidance office.  If you have set up this account, you can access this website by simply signing in.  Setting up your account is a one-time event.  

PowerSchool Parent Portal

If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on Forgot Username or Password? on the front page of the log in page on the above link.  It will walk you through the steps to recover your forgotten username or password.

You can also call PowerSchool directly by following these directions: 

Please call PowerSchool at 1-866-434-6276

Press 1 for Support

Press 1 for New Case

Press 5 for Enrollment

Press 1 for Family



If you have not set up this PowerSchool account, please contact Elisa Toth, Registrar via email so she can send you the directions to set up your new account.  If you have multiple children at McT, you will be able to link your children to the same account.  tothe@mcgill-toolen.org

To access McGill-Toolen's district code for the PowerSchool app, you will need to log into your PowerSchool account through a web browser (safari, chrome, internet explorer, etc).  As with any app, it can be limited.  You will not be able to access Re-Enrollment, a report card or any other detailed information through the PowerSchool app. 

For all of the detailed information, please access PowerSchool through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.  If you need access to your student's report card, you can find it on the dashboard of your PowerSchool parent portal.  You can print it out from this location (left side menu).  See quick start guide below.