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McGill-Toolen Catholic High School has an academically comprehensive curriculum that is accredited by COGNIA. The academic programs range from college prep to honors and Advanced Placement programs in art, mathematics, social studies, English, foreign
language and science. In addition, McT offers a program for students with learning disabilities.

All levels of instruction at McGill-Toolen are geared toward college-bound students to best suit their learning styles. College Preparatory 1 (CP1) courses are equivalent to CP2 classes, but the size is reduced to provide additional direct instruction. The same textbook and course of study are followed. In College Preparatory 2 (CP2) courses, content, pacing, and academic challenge are geared to students primarily within the average range of academic ability. Independent work and considerable personal responsibility are expected. The Honors course content, pacing, and academic challenges are accelerated beyond the college-preparatory levels. These classes are for college-bound students at ease with a demanding work load that routinely requires independent research and high levels of personal responsibility and motivation. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are exceedingly rigorous and are recommended exclusively for highly motivated students with exceptional academic abilities. Instruction is geared to a nationally-administered, optional test, the results of which are recognized by many colleges and universities as a basis for awarding advanced placement within their programs. See the special section at the end of this booklet for more detailed information.
Twenty-eight credits are required for graduation: Theology 4, English 4, Social Studies 4, Mathematics 4, Science 4, Physical Education 1, Humanities 2, Health ½, Technology 101 ½, Foreign Language 1 and electives as needed to meet graduation requirements.
Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs
Mrs. Lisa Robertson
[email protected]