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Our Catholic faith is at the heart of everything we do at McGill-Toolen.   Emphasis on spiritual growth and moral responsibility are factors that contribute to our uniqueness.   We are proud to say we have the best students, the best faculty and the best academic programs, all offered in an environment that celebrates our Catholic faith.   We are the only high school in Mobile which features this incredible combination.
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Join us in praying for the seminarians for the Archdiocese of Mobile and especially our graduates:
Michael Harp (2006)
Deacon Joe O'Gorman (2008)
Fr. Nick Napolitano (2009)
Deacon Gil Pierre (2010)
Peyton Plessala (2011)
Alex Crow (2011)
Patrick Gilbreath (2011)
Connor Plessala (2012)
Drew Williams (2013)
Joe Seiter (2017)