Lipscomb Legacy Society



The Lipscomb Legacy Society was established in honor of Oscar H. Lipscomb, Archbishop Emeritus to recognize individuals and families who have demonstrated the commitment to Catholic education through a planned gift to the McGill-Toolen Foundation.  We are eternally grateful for their contributions and support.



Mrs. Catherine D. Albiez*

Ms. Patricia Ann Amos*

Mr. Humbert A. Bertolotti, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Bolling III*

Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Burns, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Cash 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Clapper

Mr. Timothy A. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan W. Cooney

Mr. G. Reginald Copeland, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cox

Mr. William J. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Crow, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Dekle

Mr. Marshall J. DeMouy*

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Drago*

Ms. Cleo Y. Gaines*

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gelineau

Mrs. Genevieve Halliday*

Mr. and Mrs.* C. H. Harty III

Mr. and Mrs. Don P. Kelly, Jr.

Mr. John I. Lacy, Jr.*

Most Reverend Oscar H. Lipsomb, Archbishop Emeritus of Mobile*

Mr. and Mrs. Trey and Emma Mayhall

Mrs. Bernadette McAleer*

Mr. Daniel K. McAleer

Mr. J. Guy McAleer

Mr. James S. McAleer, Sr.

Mr. John C. McAleer III

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McAleer

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. McAleer

Mr. Paul McAleer*

Mr. Richard B. McAleer*

Mr. William J. McAleer, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McArdle, Jr.*

Mrs. Kathleen L. McAtee*

Mr. John L. McCarron, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McKellar

Ms. Janice S. Mendenhall

Cmdr. Lonnie L. Mixon USCG (RET)

Mr.* and Mrs. James C. Mostellar

Dr.'s Stan and Barbara Nolan*

Mr. Robert E. O'Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. O'Melia, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Outlaw*

Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Price, Jr.

Mr.* and Mrs. Mark B. Reed

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Reimer

Ms. Marilyn Byrnes Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Rickert

Mr.* and Mrs. John B. Saint

Mr. Bradley R. Sanders, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Sharp

Mrs. Lorienne C. Sharp*

Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Audrey* Shewmake

Reverend W. Bry Shields, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Southall

Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Stefan

Mrs. Linda A. Tenhundfeld

Mr. William B. Thompson*

Ms. Elizabeth Gensert Towey*

Mr. and Mrs.* George A. Vella

Monsignor G. Warren Wall

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. "Skipper" Walters, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Walton*

Mr. and Mrs. Ian G. Whelan

Mr.* and Mrs. Edward P. White

Mr. Guy A. Zoghby*

Mrs. Mary S. Zoghby


 *Deceased Member


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Lipscomb Legacy Society?

To become a Lipscomb Legacy Society member, one must leave a planned gift to the McGill-Toolen Foundation. We ask you complete a planned giving agreement to confirm the intention of the gift.  The agreement is signed and filed until the gift is realized. This ensures the intent of your generous planned gift is recorded accurately and we honor your legacy.


How are members recognized?

Members of the Lipscomb Legacy Society are recognized at our Founder’s Dinner, invited to a special recognition event, and their names are included in the Annual Report Publication, on our website and on our wall of recognition in the McGill-Toolen agora.


What if I already named McGill-Toolen Catholic in my will?  

If you have named McGill-Toolen Catholic High School as a beneficiary of a planned gift, please notify us so we can understand your goals in advance to ensure your funds are used at McGill-Toolen Catholic in accordance with your wishes.



We want to work with you to create a gift that best fits your wishes and our financial needs.  To learn more about including McGill-Toolen Foundation in your will and becoming a member of the Lipscomb Legacy Society or if you have any questions regarding establishing a planned gift click here, please contact:


Executive Director of the Foundation

Mrs. Jenna Wood

[email protected]