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New Parent Information

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of of our team members listed below:
Our Team:
Please feel free to reach out to anyone on our team if you have questions:
Student iPads:
All new students will receive their iPads at orientation. We have posted all of the information you need to know on our website. (click here) There is a FAQ that should answer all your questions from how to load books on your iPad to what to do if your iPad is damaged. Additional information on the web page includes:
  • Usage policies and insurance
  • Electronic textbooks
  • Student email accounts
Visiting Campus:
We are working hard to observe social distancing protocols and are limiting visitors to our campus. If you do need to visit, Visitor Parking is located in the front of the McGill Building and along Lafayette Street. Please DO NOT park in numbered spaces. Those are reserved for faculty.  All visitors must report to either the Attendance Office (located in the Student Center)or McGill receptionist desk. You will need to present your driver's license when you check in. Business hours are 7:30AM-4:00PM.
Offices located in the McGill Building
  • President's Office 
  • Principal's Offices 
  • Discipline/Attendance Office 
  • Guidance/Counselor's Office 
  • Registrar's Office
  • Finance Office
  • Academic Affairs Office
  • iPad Center of Operations
  • Advancement Office
Offices located in the Student Center
  • Attendance Office
  • Dining Hall
  • Chapel
  • Private Dining Room
  • McT Campus Store
Offices located in the Toolen Buidling
  • Student Activities Office
  • CYO Office
  • Athletic Director's Office
Lexington Foods, our cafeteria services provider, will offer pre-ordered boxed lunches (salad or sandwich option with a drink) that students will be able to pick up from the dining hall on their way to home room. You will need to set up an account with Lexington Foods so that your student may use their ID to purchase lunch. Please click here for instructions. Please note that you will need your student’s ID number to set up your account and new students will not have their ID until orientation. You should be able to set up your account as soon as your student has their ID.
Discipline and Attendance
  • If your child requires medication during the school day, all medicines must be delivered in original containers to the Discipline Office with a note from a parent or doctor with instructions (includes over the counter medications like ibuprofen or aspirin). 
  • Students may not have any "over the counter" or prescription drugs in their possession.
  • Please call or email when your child is absent
  • Elevators require a doctor's note.
Cell Phones
  • Students may bring their cell phones to school but they must be turned off from 7:55-until dismissal.
  • Please refer to the Student Handbook for consequences for violations.
We have many ways for you to stay informed about all that is going on at McT:
  • Web Page @
  • Email-addresses for all teachers are located in the student handbook and on our website. This is the best way to communicate with a teacher. Teachers do not have voicemail.
  • Power School: This is our student information system (includes grades). Parents should have a parent login for access to their student's information.  
  • Bright Arrow - sends messages via text, email and voicemail - used mostly for emergencies
  • Blast Email - we send weekly school wide notifications (The Weekly Buzz) and class specific emails as needed.
  • We have a McGill-Toolen Facebook page and Facebook groups for each class. Be sure to join! 
  • McTClass of 2022
  • McT Class of 2023
  • McT Class of 2024
  • McTClass of 2025
Powerschool Information:
Powerschool is our student information system where you can monitor grades, attendance and discipline records. New upperclassmen parents will receive and email from our registrar, Mrs. Toth, with instructions on setting up your parent access. Freshmen will be given this parent information in their homeroom at orientation this Thursday. Please ask your freshman for this information. Parents have a separate log-in from their students.
Mandatory Drug Testing and Breathalyzers
  • All students will be tested by obtaining a hair sample during the first semester. (Hair length must be so that a sample can be taken at any time)
  • Most students will have a second test during second semester.
  • Any student can be tested for cause at any time. If a student is caught "skipping,"they are usually tested.
  • If a student has a positive result, the parents are notified and a second test is administered 90 days after the first test. If the test is again positive, the student is withdrawn. If the test is negative, the student will continue at school but will be tested regularly throughout the year.
  • Students will be breathalyzed at every dance.
  • Students have to be at the dance no later than 1 ½ hours from the start and cannot leave until 30 minutes before the end of the dance, so make sure their ride knows.
In the morning before school
  • Students may not enter the buildings prior to 7:30. Students will report to their 1st period class after having their temperature taken.
  • First period class begins at 7:55AM.
  • Parents can drop off on Lafayette or the front of the McGill Building.
  • Once a semester, we have a 1:00PM dismissal for Teacher In-service
After School
  • Dismissal is at 3:05. Freshman pick-up is in front of the McGill building off Catherine Street, and sophomore pick-up is in front of the Student Center on Lafayette Street.
  • Students must be off campus 30 minutes after dismissal, unless they are in a supervised activity.
  • A White oxford long or short sleeve is required for for 9,10, and 11th girls and boys.
  • The Black oxford is for seniors only.
  • Boys must wear ties on days we celebrate Mass.
  • Girls must wear uniform socks with the yellow jacket.
  • Black belt, black or white crew socks are required for boys.
  • No over-sized or tight clothes.
  • Students may wear any approved outerwear(available in the Campus Store). Hoods are not allowed.
  • On Friday's students may wear their team or club polo shirts.
  • PE uniforms are required for general PE classes. Students in Athletic PE wear what the coach requires.
  • Students may wear black, grey or white rain jackets with hoods only when it is raining.
  • Masks must be solid in color and not have any writing or logos unless a McT logo. Masks and gaitors with the McT logo are available the Campus Store which will open Thursday, August 12th .
We need your help....
Please help us to monitor:
  • Please do not send your student to school if they are not feeling well.
  • Please help your student to be on time. A student is tardy after the final bell rings for each class: 1st Period begins at 7:55AM. Excessive tardies can result in disciplinary action.
  • Please make sure uniforms guidelines are being followed (skirt lengths, belts, shoes, hairstyles, etc). Please refer to the Student Handbook for details.
  • Remind your student not to use their cell phone use during school day.  
  • Please check Powerschool regularly for grades, homework and attendance.
  • No students should remain on campus after 3:30. Please make sure your student has a ride home.
Most of this information is in the Student Handbook. A copy of the handbook has been uploaded to all student iPads, or you can access a digital copy  here.