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St. Thecla Society

St. Thecla Society
The St. Thecla Society was established in 2022 by the McGill-Toolen Foundation to recognize Catholic women of leadership in our community.  The Society is named in honor of St. Thecla, a follower of St. Paul in the first century, who dedicated her life to creating a culture that empowered women and a community where women empowered each other.   Her fierce determination and faithfulness to the Catholic faith were an inspiration to all who knew her.  We continue to celebrate her feast Day on September 23.
At McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, the St. Thecla Society is proud to honor the women in our community who understand their responsibility for sharing this same sense of empowerment with our daughters and our granddaughters.  The St. Thecla Society's founding members are those women in our Archdiocesan community, and especially our McGill-Toolen Catholic High School community, who have generously offered their time and talents as volunteers, Advisory Council and Foundation Board members, and other leadership positions in the Archdiocese.  In this small way, we thank and congratulate you for your devotion to Catholic education at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.  
                                                         Lynn Clapper           Marcelle Naman                                                   
             Monde Donaldson    Kristin Pfeffle            
St. Thecal Members
The St. Thecla Society Annual Mass and Reception was held on September 18.  An estimated 40 women attended, the Chamber Singers performed during Mass, the food was catered by Charlie Wilton, Dr. Mary Van Brunt, our guest speaker, was relatable and entertaining, and we could not have asked for better fellowship.  It was just a special night!  Thank you for your continued support of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School!  We are looking forward to seeing you again next year-September 23, 2024 which is St. Thecla's Feast Day. 
St. Thecla
The St. Thecla Society, a Catholic women's leadership organization within the McGill-Toolen Foundation, hosted a financial responsibility workshop for the senior class girls on March 29, 2022.  Faith Feaga, from the Alabama Security Commission, presented the financial content on budgeting, student loans and investing.  The girls were engaged and learned a lot from Ms. Feaga about personal finances.  McGill-Toolen Catholic is the first private high school Ms. Feaga has presented to.