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McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Guidance Office
Courtney Page - Senior Counselor 
Robin Brown - Junior Counselor 
Ellen Falzini - Sophomore Counselor
Cathy Seward - Freshmen Counselor 
Elisa Toth - Registrar
Robin Ankersen - Administrative Assistant
McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Guidance and Counseling Services
The goal of McGill-Toolen Guidance and Counseling is to provide an individual-centered, developmentally appropriate program which culminates in student readiness to succeed in a college or university setting.  This goal is accomplished by addressing the academic, personal –social and post-secondary development specific to each level.  We work collaboratively with students, parents and teachers by fostering school and home communication, facilitating parent-teacher conferences and providing parent guidance regarding academic and social topics. 
  1. Academic planning--  McT guidance counselors work closely with students to plan their course of studies, to support their school performance, to review progress, to set academic goals, as well as to implement academic interventions.  School counselors communicate with families on an on-going basis to provide updates on student achievement and attendance, as well as to recognize successes.
  2. Personal/social development--  McT guidance counselors focus on the whole development of students, facilitate social/emotional learning opportunities, connect students to activities and electives based on their interest, build home-school-community alliances, and provide on-going individualized attention to ensure student success.  School counselors facilitate individual and group counseling, as well as crisis intervention counseling as needed. 
  3. College and post-secondary development--  McT guidance counselors help students understand their strengths and talents, and how these abilities can be utilized in various college majors and careers.  We facilitate school-wide activities and guidance lessons related to post-secondary planning.  We aid students in the college admissions process, and all next steps to their secondary education.