Student Parking Information


Dear Students and Parents,


Because parking spaces on campus are very limited, parking decals are issued to Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores only. Students with valid decals can go online to purchase decals prior to orientation. Students will pick up parking decals in the CYO Office in the Toolen building on orientation day.  Arrangements for the pick up of decals after Orientation Day will be announced over the PA system once classes have begun. Decals cannot be picked up on the first day of school, August 18th.


Students may begin July 1 ordering decals online. Go to the McGill-Toolen Catholic website and click on the Student Activities Home Page and click the student parking information link on the right.  Finally click on the website to register

In order to purchase a decal and register a vehicle for parking on campus, students will need to have the following items with them at the time of decal purchase (online):

* $60.00 - Card only

      * valid driver’s license.

      * vehicle tag receipt with the License Plate Number on the receipt.


Parents/Students who request the privilege of parking a vehicle in McT campus lots assume the duty of registering the vehicle with the school and of parking the vehicle in accordance with school rules and regulations. The school parking decal must be properly displayed on the lower front corner driver side window and must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. The purchase of a school parking decal is for vehicle registration purposes only; it does not guarantee the student a parking space on campus. Students are responsible for informing their parents of any fines and/or penalties which they may incur for transgressions of parking regulations and for paying all fines prior to semester exams. It is to be clearly understood that persons who choose to park their vehicles in campus parking lots do so at their own risk. The Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, and/or any of their employees or agents cannot and will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage, vandalism, and/or theft, which the vehicle may incur while parked in McT parking lots.


The student parking areas are listed below. A complete copy of all student-parking regulations is contained in the Student Handbook Calendar, which the students will receive on Orientation Day. We hope that you will find this information useful as you begin preparations for registering your vehicle on campus.



John R. Repoll

Asst. Principal for Student Activities


Student Parking Areas


Lot #1 (CYO) – General Parking                                             

Lot #2  – Senior Parking

Lot #3 – General Parking                                    

Lot #4 – General Parking


The Lot in front of the McGill Building, Science Lot, Catherine Strip, Lafayette Strip and all spaces behind the Toolen Building are reserved for Faculty & Staff Parking.