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Our Partner Schools

An Entire Partnership Committed to Your Child

As the only Catholic high school in Mobile County, McGill-Toolen Catholic is well known as a center of excellence – in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the community. But it is more than a high school. It is the blossoming of an entire system – one that reaches out to fulfill the needs of all children, in any location, throughout Mobile County.

It is a system rooted in faith and values, academic achievement, athletics and extracurricular activities, friends and fellowship, and service to others. With six Partner Schools serving communities throughout the county in addition to McGill-Toolen Catholic, the Mobile County Catholic school system offers exceptional education options for any child.

Just as a tree requires an entire system of roots, trunk and branches to thrive, the Mobile County Catholic school system provides a continuum of options to nurture the entire child – mind, body and spirit.
Our Partner Elementary Schools: