St. Augustine Scholarship Program








The St. Augustine Scholarship application is now closed for the 2023-2024 school year.  The deadline for the application was December 31, 2022.



Congratulations to our St. Augustine Scholars 


The McGill-Toolen Foundation would like to recognize the following incoming freshman selected as the 2022-2023 St. Augustine Scholars:


Margaret Byrne

Stella Grace Harp

Stephen Heim

Robert Gamper

Gabrielle Grant

Mary Linda Greenwood

Thomas Greer

Connor Ollis

Lucy O'Donnell

Dominick Paragone

Cooper Patrick

Peyton Patrick

Barrett Porter

Josephine Reid

Joshua Sasser

Deria Scott

Lydia Stokes

Catherine Vulevich

Chase Young


St. Aug

Congratulations! We look forward to having you join us as the McGill-Toolen Catholic Class of 2026. Thank you to our donors who made these scholarships possible.




Hear from 4 (Grace Greenwood, Bennett Katz, Patrick Wentworth and Hayden Ward) of our 10 inaugural freshman scholars, who are now seniors, explaining the importance of the St. Augustine Scholarship and how receiving the scholarship shaped them to become the amazing students they are today!



Hear from Annie Baggett, Class of 2024 St. Augustine Scholar, about how excited she was to learn she received the St. Augustine Scholarship.




Class of 2024 St. Augustine Scholar, Edward Vulevich explains the importance of receiving the St. Augustine Scholarship-watch his story.




Meet St. Augustine Scholar Hayden Ward and see why she is grateful for this scholarship.




Meet Grace Greenwood Class of 2022 and see how this scholarship program has made a difference to her and her family. 



The St. Augustine Scholarship Fund, established in 2017,  assists students who embody the values and ideals that we seek in our McGill-Toolen Catholic students, but whose families do not qualify for financial aid.  Children of Catholic school teachers, children of first responders and active duty military, children of McT alumni and  our Aquinas Scholars are eligible to receive assistance through the St. Augustine Scholarship Fund.  Students who are recommended by their teacher for his or her exemplary effort and positive attitude, who do not meet the criteria for any of the above categories, are eligible to receive assistance. To qualify for this scholarship, incoming freshman students must meet standards of academic achievement, be involved in community service and show a commitment to their Catholic faith as well as a financial need. 


Additionally, the St. Augustine Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 2018 to ensure that the St. Augustine Scholarship will be awarded to future McT freshman for generations to come.  The goal is to seed the fund with $50,000, guaranteeing one scholarship each year for the future regardless of annual fundraising efforts.  These funds will not be distributed until the endowed fund has reached $50,000.  Now donors can designate funds for the St. Augustine Scholarship Endowment Fund as well as the annual effort.  


For more information regarding the St. Augustine Scholarship and to learn more about the online application process or scholarship eligibility requirements see documents posted below.