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College Counseling Announcements

December 2, 2021          1st period     Alabama A&M

FAFSA and CSS Profile:

Remember, all families should complete the FAFSA regardless of income.

The FAFSA will open October 1st.

Also, be sure to check the financial aid page for the schools to which your child is applying. Some schools require the CSS Profile along with the FAFSA to get a more detailed picture of your family’s financial situation.

More information about the FAFSA and CSS Profile can be found on the links below:

CSS Profile:


Scholarship Opportunities: 
Remember that your child receives regular emails from Mrs. Brown regarding scholarships.
You can also visit The Penny Hoarder's College page for scholarship info.
Potential Magazine scholarship guide:
College Visits: 
Juniors and Seniors are allowed two college visit days that will not count against the five day attendance policy. They must fill out a college visit form and turn it in to the attendance office prior to the visit. They must bring back proof of their visit when they return to school. Students can get college visit forms from the Guidance office or download a copy below.




College Counseling


College and career guidance and counseling programs aim to help students make more informed and better educational and career choices.

Activities associated with career guidance and counseling programs typically include:
  • Advising students and parents on high school programs and academic curriculum, preparing them for college application and admission process.

  • Planning and preparation for college admissions tests SAT and ACT.

  • Assisting students to organize and prepare for the college application process

  • Assisting students to prepare for college interviews

  • Assisting with scholarship searches

  • Informing students about post secondary financing that can be used to support advanced education and training.

  • Encouraging job shadowing, work placements, and community-based learning programs to allow students to directly experience workplace situations.

  • Providing specialized counseling and intervention services to provide students with individualized attention.


College Counseling Through the Years

College counseling stresses the importance of high school performance and involvement; students receive classroom guidance throughout the ninth and tenth grade. Beginning in the eleventh grade and continuing through twelfth grade, students and parents meet with the counselors individually to discuss and develop action plans for college applications. Over the course of high school years, there are several programs in place to ensure that students are progression towards preparation for college success. 


  • Starting high school means mapping out a plan to get from freshman to senior year
  • Students should push themselves to take challenging courses early on
  • Study Skills Training 


  • Students should start exploring different colleges and careers that might be a good fit
  • Students should continue building scholarship resume - Start getting involved in extracurricular, leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • Introduction to types of colleges & universities
  • PSAT is offered


  •   Individual conferences with students to be sure that they are on the right track to be successful. 
  • College entrance exams such as ACT & SAT should be in the agenda
  • Juniors should seek out internships, job shadows and summer jobs that align with the careers they’re interested in
  • McT hosts colleges and university representatives from across the country
  • McT hosts a junior parent night – help parents & students gain insights into college selection and application processes
  • College visits are encouraged - Juniors are allowed 2 visits during school year
  • PSAT is offered


  • Individual conferences with students to be sure that they are on the right track to be successful 
  • Students should use ACT & SAT scores from previous year to identify areas to work on
  • Students should continue to fill their schedules with challenging courses
  • Seniors are encouraged to visit campuses, start narrowing their list and applying for college - Seniors are allowed 2 college visits
  • McT host colleges and university representatives from across the country. 
  • Counselors assist students in applying for scholarships and financial aid    


We encourage you to get involved early.  Students and parents are able to meet with the counselors at any time during the school year.