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McT Experience App 

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Corporate Sponsorships


Our corporate sponsors give much to our school and Athletic Department.  We are offering new ways to incorporate their advertising needs into our school.  We are actively looking to replace our padding in our Portier Center (McT gym).  If your company is interested in this multi-year advertising effort, please contact Elisa Toth.   


The McT Experience app is a downloadable app for student, faculty and fans to maximize participation in all of McT’s sporting events and student activities.  It allows fans to view a complete calendar of events, post pictures to our Fan Cam and check in at these events to accumulate points for prizes.  


McT Network is an online live streaming site that allows fans to view many of our sporting and school events for free! Check us out at


  If you are interested in advertising on the McT Experience App, the McT Network or would like to discuss corporate sponsorships for McT Athletics, please contact Elisa Toth. or 251.767.5929


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