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Corporate Sponsorships


Our corporate sponsors give much to our school and Athletic Department.  We are offering new ways to incorporate their advertising needs into our school.  We want to thank The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. and Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. for their commitment to the new padding in the Portier Center this year!   


McT Live is an online live streaming site that allows fans to view many of our sporting and school events for free! Check us out at

Are you interested in donating to the McT Live Sports Broadcasting program?  
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We are always looking to expand our technology and equipment, 
donations are welcome to help our program grow.  
Our Football and Volleyball programs have partnered with McT Live for the fall... 
  • Commercials during the live stream
  • Company logo alongside the score of the game
  • Instant Replay Sponsorship
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 or 251.445.2956

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