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Welcome to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

Welcome to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School's Website 
On behalf of the McGill-Toolen Administration, faculty, staff, students and community, we welcome you to our web site. McGill-Toolen Catholic High School is proud to be a part of the international computer information service. McT, as we call ourselves, is an over 105-year-old school located on the Gulf Coast in Mobile, Alabama. 
Our current school came into existence on July 1, 1973 through the merger of McGill Institute for Boys (founded in 1896) and Bishop Toolen High School for Girls (founded in 1928). The school is a part of the educational system of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile consisting of three high schools and 18 elementary schools. The system has approximately 6,000 students enrolled. The current enrollment for McGill-Toolen is approximately 960 in grades nine through twelve. The school serves Mobile and Baldwin Counties of south Alabama and east Jackson County of south Mississippi. 

We are extremely proud of our heritage in Catholic Education. We are privileged at McGill-Toolen through our ability to provide three important facets to our mission as educators: the best in the area of academic excellence, the best in the physical development of the body, and the most important, that which is our primary reason for existence, the spiritual development of the soul.
God Bless,
McGill-Toolen Administration