Prom Information


Prom Information: Seniors and their dates ONLY.


Masks:  Masks are required but may be removed when on stage only.

Location: Ft. Whiting Armory, Saturday, March 20th from 8-9:30 pm.

Line- up for Call-outs: Call-outs will begin promptly at 8:00 p.m.

Arrive no later than 7:30 p.m. We will give you instructions about where to line up when you arrive.  Students are required to stay until the program concludes.

Callout Cards:  Ladies please pick up your 3x5 callout card from the check-in table.  Please keep the card and give it to the chaperone as you near the stage.


Dress Code: Everyone attending the prom should adhere to the grooming standards set forth in the McT Handbook.

  • Gentlemen - Tuxedo or suit with dress shoes. Tattoos must be covered. No earrings.
  • Ladies - Formal dress (appropriate for prom) and dress shoes. Tattoos must be covered. 

Flowers: These should be arm bouquets (not corsages). The gentlemen generally purchase these for their dates.


Pictures: Jim Owen will take photos during callouts.  Order forms will be sent via email.

Favors: These will be given to you during call-outs. 

Programs: These will be available on the chairs set up for the seniors and their dates.

Rules/Behavior: Each senior has the right to enjoy this evening. Please remember this and do not present any problems that could embarrass your date or anyone else's during call-outs. All rules published in the student handbook apply even to those dates who do not attend McGill-Toolen. It is your responsibility to see that you, your date, and any guests are aware of these rules. In accordance with school policy as well as city ordinance and Ft. Whiting- no smoking or alcohol will be tolerated. Breathalyzers may be used prior to admission.

Live Stream:  We have hired two professional videographers who will be streaming callouts on McT Live.