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Gettin' it Started

Dear students,
The Administration reserves the right to determine suitability of dress/grooming for all school functions and to
require corrective action when deemed necessary.
1. If you choose to wear any part of the school uniform, you must be in complete uniform and
it must be worn properly. You cannot wear any part of the school uniform as dress-down

2. You may not wear any uniforms/apparel of another high school.

3. All clothing must cover the same amount of your body as our school uniform.

4. Jeans, Khakis and skirts are allowed.  No shorts of any kind.   

Only Girls can wear skirts and they must be school length. Even if a girl wears tights, a school
length skirt must be worn over them. LEGGINS, JEGGINS MAY NOT BE WORN BY

5. No baggy, oversized clothing, torn ragged clothing or tight clothing. This means no pants with
rips or holes in them.

6. Shoes or sandals must be worn. No high heel shoes or flip flops. Shoes must have back.
7. No face paint of any kind or any markings on face. (Including eye black under eyes or fake
blood.) No black makeup.

8. No scrubs, sweatpants, or sleep pants (This includes pajamas). No athletic pants of any kind
(Baseball and Football pants, etc.)

9. Boys may not wear make-up, skirts or nail polish.

10. No clothing or costume may stereotype or show any disrespect to any culture, race, religion, nor
may the dress be offensive to any culture, race, religion.

11. Clothing items may not contain ads or endorsements for alcohol, tobacco, or messages
inconsistent with the philosophy of the Church/school.

12. No spiked or studded choke collars. No themed contact lenses.

13. Mask must be a solid color or school logo.

14. The Admin Team will have the final say on all dress to determine if it is appropriate.
The school administration has approved the following themes for Aug. 25, 2023.

Class T-Shirt Rules Apply
Seniors: Glow: White/Neon with neon accessories.
Juniors: Orange Out with orange accessories.
Sophomores: Orange Out with orange accessories.
Freshmen: Orange Out with orange accessories.