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Frequently Asked Questions



McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

Admission FAQs


Is a placement test required? Students who attend one of our Partner Schools will take a placement test at their school. Students from other schools will need to provide standardized testing and potentially take a math placement test.  

How do you apply to the Aquinas Program? Students who score within the 90th percentile on each subject of the placement test will receive an invitation to apply prior to the March registration. For more information about the Aquinas Program, click here.

What are the next steps after completing the application? If you submit the application by December 31st, you will receive an enrollment packet in February. If you apply after December 31st, the enrollment packets will arrive later in the spring.


Do you offer tuition assistance? We do offer forms of tuition assistance. The most common options are our General Scholarship and the St. Augustine Scholarship. Click here for more information.


Do you have to be Catholic to attend McGill-Toolen? You do not have to be Catholic to attend McT. Our population is about 84% Catholic; students of any denomination are welcome to apply.


Do you offer tutoring or extra help? We have several options for tutoring and extra assistance. Teachers are available before and after school, we offer peer tutoring by our NHS and Aquinas students and we have a Math Lab on campus. More resources are available through the Guidance Office.


Can students move up or down in course levels? Example CP2, CP1, Honors?

We use the placement test and other past standardized test scores to place students according to their ability in courses. There is some room for movement, depending upon the student's test score. Students would speak to their guidance counselor regarding those changes.


What is your drug policy? Every student is screened once a year if not more. Our entire policy can be found in the student handbook.


Do you allow accommodations? Our counselors will notify teachers of each student’s individual accommodations as long as we have the student’s current testing paperwork on file. This service is available to all students, even if they are not in our Academic Enrichment (resource) program.


How does the class schedule work?  We are on a seven period schedule which rotates weekly. 1st period is the only class that doesn’t rotate. Each student will go to 1st period each morning and then rotate between A, B, C, D, E, F periods.