Homecoming Pep Rally Information

Homecoming 2019 Dress Days


The Spirit Dress Days and the Dress Code for each day is printed below.  Students who choose to participate in the Spirit Dress Days are expected to adhere to the dress code and to use discretion in applying the dress code guidelines.  All dress/grooming must be modest, in good taste, and appropriate for all Homecoming activities.  The school reserves the right to determine suitability of dress and to require corrective action when deemed necessary.  If you do not choose to participate in the dress down days, then you must wear the complete school uniform properly.  Parts of the school uniform may not be mixed with dress down attire.


Tue.    Oct. 8 - “Tennis Shoe/Crazy Socks Day” – Students may wear tennis shoes/crazy socks with their  uniforms.


Wed.   Oct. 9 - “Spirit Wednesday” – Students may wear a Homecoming, black or orange t-shirt with jeans or khakis. If you do not wear a Homecoming, black or orange t-shirt you must come in your complete school uniform.  


Thur.  Oct. 10  - “Class T-shirt “ – Students who choose to dress down on this day must wear the 2019-20  McT Class T-shirt with jeans or khakis.


Fri.     Oct. 11 -General Dress Guidelines for ALL CLASSES:



Homecoming Class Themes

Dear students,

The Administration reserves the right to determine suitability of dress/grooming for all school functions and to require corrective action when deemed necessary.

  1. If you choose to wear any part of the school uniform, you must be in complete uniform and it must be worn properly. You cannot wear any part of the school uniform as dress-down attire.
  2. You may not wear any uniforms/apparel of another high school.
  3. All clothing must cover the same amount of your body as our school uniform.
  4. No shorts of any kind. Jeans, Khakis, sweatpants and skirts must be worn as part of costume
  5. Only Girls can wear skirts and they must be school length. Even if a girl wears tights, a school length skirt must be worn over them. 
  7. No baggy, oversized clothing, torn ragged clothing or tight clothing. This means no pants with rips or holes in them.
  8. Shoes or sandals must be worn. No high heel shoes or flip flops.
  9. No face paint of any kind or any markings on face. (Including eye black under eyes or fake blood.) 
  10. Masks and “props” (safe ones) at the pep rally only. Masks must be removed upon request.
  11. No scrubs or sleep pants (This includes pajamas). No athletic pants of any kind (Baseball and Football pants, etc.)
  12. Boys may not wear make-up, skirts or nail polish.
  13. You may not take time out of class or in class to “dress” for the day or the pep rally. Come to school in your dress for the day.
  14. No clothing or costume may stereotype or show any disrespect to any culture, race, religion, nor may the costume be offensive to any culture, race, religion.
  15. Clothing items may not contain ads or endorsements for alcohol, tobacco, or messages inconsistent with the philosophy of the Church/school.
  16. No piercings other than the simple earrings in the lobe of the ear are allowed. No spiked or studded choke collars. No themed contact lenses.
  17. The Admin Team will have the final say on all dress to determine if it is appropriate.




The school administration has approved the following themes for the Pep Rally on Oct. 11, 2019;


Seniors: Senior Stroll Down Memory Lane - Dress as toddler, kids or dressing as a favorite child
Juniors: Howdy Juniors - Cowboy and Cowgirl Theme
Sophomores: Sophomores Cinema - Dress as favorite movie or TV character.
Freshmen: Freshman Back to the 80’s  - Dress in 80’s fashion.



  • All students must sit in the bleachers and remain there at all times during the pep rally. Seniors may walk onto the gym floor for the Alma Mater at the end of the pep rally. No object of any kind should be thrown during the pep rally.  No one should use vulgar or inappropriate language at any time.
  • In decorating for the pep rally, no one should put any tape on any painted surface – lockers, walls, etc. Duct tape or florist tape should not be used to tape things to any surface. Painter’s tape must be used. No tape may be used on the ceiling. Nothing may be placed on the floor.
Homecoming Dance:                     
  • This will be held at the Mobile Convention Center on Saturday, Oct. 12, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.  You must arrive at the dance no later than 9:30 and you may not leave until 11:00 p.m.  The Dress Code for the dance is semi-formal.  This means a coat and tie for the gentlemen and appropriate dress for the ladies. Ladies dress should be modest and represents the values we teach everyday. Please make sure they are not so short, tight and immodest that we would have to send you home from the dance. The school reserves the right to determine suitability of dress and to require corrective action when deemed necessary. All guests are subject to administrative approval and must adhere to McGill-Toolen dress codes, grooming regulations, and behavior expected of McGill-Toolen students.  All students and guests attending McGill-Toolen dances must pass a breathalyzer test before being admitted to the dance.  A breathalyzer test may also be administered to students/guests at any time during or after the dance.
  • All outside guests at the dance must have prior approval of the school administration.   Please see Mr. Stein for the appropriate approval forms. All forms must be submitted to Mr. Stein’s office no later than Oct. 9, 2019.
  • The ticket price for the dance is $15.00 per person or $30.00 a couple if purchased at school.  The price will increase to $20 per person and $40 per couple at the door. Please bring exact change or a check made payable to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.  Tickets will be sold at school the week of homecoming. Free soft drinks and water will be served.  Neither the school nor any of its employees or agents will assume any responsibility or liability for items lost at the dance.  Parking at the dance is $5.00 per vehicle.
  • Homecoming Pictures:  Jim Owen Photography will take pictures at the Homecoming Dance.  Picture packages and prices will be distributed on a separate flyer by email.