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Find My iPad

Find My iPad
 The iPad is nothing if not portable. You can carry it with you and use it just about anywhere. It's great for doing work in cafes, airports, or even at the office. But the iPad's portability also poses a serious problem: It's easy to misplace!


Apple saw this coming. They created a free utility called Find My iPad that can detect the location of a lost iPad with great accuracy, assuming it's turned on and connected to the Internet. If you ever lose your iPad, Find My iPad can help you recover it. Just log in to the iCloud website or fire up the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad and you'll be able to locate your iPad on a map, make it play a sound or display a message, enable a passcode, or even erase all of the data to protect your private information.

Of course, you need to enable Find My iPad before you lose your iPad. That's what this tutorial is about. Here's how to enable Find My iPad:

    1. From the iPad's home screen, tap Settings.

    2. Tap Your Name on the sidebar then tap iCloud. The screen shown below appears. (Note that you must be signed in to your iCloud account on your iPad. If you don't have an account, create one now.)
    3. Once in iCloud Settings, tap on Find My iPad.
    4. Enable Find My iPad and Send Last Location.


Congratulations! You have enabled Find Your iPad. Now if you ever lose your iPad, you'll be able to find it by using the iCloud website or the Find My iPhone app.