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Can I use my personal iPad instead of a school iPad?

Personal iPads will no longer be supported on the McT network because a school-maintained device allows for remote installation of apps, management of device capabilities, and reliability gained by uniformity of devices across the student body.  School-issued iPads provide the ability to control student access to apps, features, and content that cannot be maintained on personal devices.


What does the technology fee cover?

The technology fee covers multiple items, including continued support/improvement of network infrastructure, bandwidth, and hardware as well the iPad (9th Gen) 256GB, AppleCare Insurance for accidental damage, a protective case, standard set of education applications for the device, and licensing software for management of the devices.  


What does the insurance cover?

AppleCare insurance covers two instances of accidental damage, with a $50 deductible fee to  replace the iPad in each instance. Any instance of damage beyond that will require the payment of repair or replacement.


Does the insurance cover loss?

No. However, there will be several measures in place to help prevent loss.  Students will be instructed on how to enable iCloud and the Find My iPad feature.  The devices feature Touch ID with fingerprint technology that will be expected to be used in conjunction with a passcode/password.  The school management software will also identify the products as being Property of McGill-Toolen, even if a thief attempts to reset the device.


How will our teachers use this technology in the classroom?

Teacher training over the last several years has focused on effective use of technology within the classroom.  Specifically, the training has looked at finding effective digital tools for the communication of information, adaptation of lessons to integrate technology, and the exploration of how technology impacts education.  With the launch of our one to one initiative, teachers have undergone professional development training by Apple. The school also continues training opportunities throughout the year with lunch and learn opportunities for continued education for teachers.


Who will manage the program?

Mr. Ben Fancher will be dedicated full-time to management of the program and will provide our students and teachers with the technical support they need to be successful. Mr. Fancher trained in Cupertino, CA to become an Apple authorized Apple Foundations Trainers as well as an Apple certified iOS Technician.


What about textbooks?

Textbooks will be pushed to student devices or will be accessed via Canvas.  There are some paper books that will be issued to students during orientation or during the first few days of school.