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Student Email Accounts

All student email accounts are Google based accounts.  Student email accounts are restricted accounts that can only email teachers and when assigned, other students.  

Student email accounts issued by McGill-Toolen Catholic High School are expected to be used strictly in an academic manner that is responsible, legal, and ethical.  Any email-based course requirements will be expected to come through the school provided @mctstudents.org email addresses and will not be accepted through students’ personal email addresses.

Expectations of Student Usage

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School expects all students to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis.  

•Student email should only be used for emailing McGill-Toolen Catholic High School staff, and when assigned, other McGill-Toolen students. 
•Some emails may be time critical and unchecked email will not be considered an acceptable excuse. 
• Online collaborative work is only acceptable when assigned by a teacher.  Otherwise, collaborative work will be deemed as cheating and subject to rules within the Student Handbook.
•Students should use polite, appropriate language in all email exchange and in collaborative work.
•Any messages deemed inappropriate, offensive, abusive, or harassing will be grounds for the revoking of privileges  and turned over to the Discipline Office.  Filters will be in place that will redirect this type of message to administrators.  
•Username and passwords should not be shared by students.
•Username and passwords will be made available to parents upon request.