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Syllabus for Latin I - updated August 10, 2014

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Please remember to check "Links" on my main page for information relevant to all classes, such as the list of Latin prayers (with links to videos to help with pronunciation).

Latin I emphasizes basic sentence structure, Latin vocabulary acquisition, and English derivatives, as well as those Latin phrases and quotations commonly used in English. Students also learn the geography of the Roman Empire, an overview of Roman history, and an introduction to Roman and Greek mythology. This course gives a student the ability to write more effective sentences in English and provides an essential foundation for the study of a modern language.

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First Quiz

The grades for the first quiz are posted on NetClassroom. Some of you might not have the information needed to log in and see your grades. That's okay - you'll get your quizzes in class on Monday.

Please remember the policy on quizzes. If you did not score at least 85%, you MUST take it again. The new grade, if 85 or above, will replace the first grade. If  you improved, but not enough to earn an 85, then you will have another chance to earn an 85. There is no need to worry or be stressed if you did not do well on the quiz today. What you will need to do is make sure you work on the practice exercises we will do to improve your understanding of the material.

The goal is not to get a high grade. The goal is to be able to read Latin. Being able to read Latin is how you earn a high grade, even if it takes three tries.