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Camp I Believe

Camp I Believe was established to help children through the grief process. Camp I Believe will be held September 12 - 13 at Camp Baldwin in Elberta, Al. for children ages 6 to 15 years of age. It is a two day camp where children can learn to express grief in a healthy environment. There is no charge to attend. If you are interested  in more information, please visit or call or e-mail Kim Smith at Gentiva Hospice, at 251-621-2500, or [email protected].

Welcome Class of 2019!!

Welcome to McGill-Toolen Catholic! As your counselor I want to say welcome and how excited I am to be working with you this year!! I know we will have a great year and please come see me if you need anything. My office is located in the Guidance Office in the McGill building first floor. I will be updating my page throughout the year so please check often for upcoming events. 

College Timetable


As you prepare to register for 10th grade please take a minute and read this article. It may help in the decision process! 




 Grade 9

 Reach your potential by taking the most rigorous courses at your comfort level (AP/Honors)

 Students and parents may talk with their counselor about future plans (the next four years of high school, college, career).  However, parents should be careful not to micro manage their children in an attempt to create the “perfect” college applicant.  Each student should be allowed to grow at his or her own pace, and some courses or activities may be inappropriate for an individual student. 

 Explore opportunities to get involved in non-academic programs such as clubs, sports, community service and part-time employment.  Colleges and universities like to see that you are able to balance schoolwork with extra-curricular activities. 

 The counselor will meet with students during classroom guidance to discuss the elements of a McGill-Toolen transcript and begin working on a resume by filling out “Brag Sheets”. Keep a folder at home where you note academic honors, volunteer work, clubs, activities, athletics, athletic awards, etc.

 As summer approaches, remember that any camps or special programs are an asset and can be included on the resume. See your counselor for information on various opportunities.

 Research colleges to begin searching for your best fit! Visit college web sites and search on-line (,

 Start a College Search Folder. Include any information that you find on potential schools.

 Read, Read, Read.  It makes you smarter!!!


 All students with disabilities need to be certain that a current (no more than 3 years old) testing report is on file at the school. The history is needed to apply for extended time on the ACT.

Summer Opportunity

Class of 2018
Are you looking for something different and exciting to do this summer? Contact Mr. John Foster with the SPI Study Abroad/High School Language Immersion and Global Leadership Programs. Please contact him with any questions you or your parents have and he will be happy to answer them!
 The following is an e-mail I received from Mr. Foster:

We know that families are beginning to look for summer opportunities, so I wanted to pass along SPI’s enrollment and scholarship deadline for next summer’s programs: March 1, 2015. Would you mind sharing/announcing this info to your students?


To make it easier, I’ve included a brief description about our programs below:


“Study abroad in Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica or China for college credit. With SPI programs, the traditional classroom takes a backseat to exciting activities around the city, conversations with locals and weekend journeys where history, art and culture come to life! For more information, visit or call 866-502-7505.

Enrollment & Scholarship Deadline: March 1, 2015”


With the busy start of the new year, I really appreciate you taking a moment to share this info with your students. Feel free to email or call me if you want more information or have students asking questions.



John Foster | Program Director

SPI Study Abroad | High School Language Immersion & Global Leadership Programs
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