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The Annunciation Program:    




Our mission:

To provide a quality. modified education in a Catholic School environment for students with mild intellectual disabilities.  The goal is to maximize a student's potential in academics, faith formation, social  and life skills.


The purpose of The Annunciation Program is to serve the needs of intellectually disabled (ID) students who are currently enrolled in any of our partner schools, allowing students who are already in our system to complete their Catholic education through high school.  The program would also be open to Catholic students who are not enrolled in one of our partner schools, but who are recommended by their pastors.  The program will strive to ensure that a Catholic education is accessible and affordable for parents who seek such an experience for their children.  Students will be offered a challenging and appropriate program in religious studies, life skills and academic subjects.  The curriculum will include:






PE and Art/Music

Social and Vocational Skills


Vocational training will be developed through each subject area.  We will also implement a Peer Mentoring program that will partner Seniors with the students in the Annunciation Program to assist them throughout their day.  Student’s progress will be tracked through an ICEP or Individual Catholic Education Plan that will be developed at the beginning of the school year, reviewed monthly and adjusted as needed.  Students will receive a Certificate of Completion from McGill-Toolen Catholic upon graduation.  Our hope is that we can prepare these students to matriculate to one of the more than 264 college programs across the United States that accept ID students. 


Please contact Mary Helen Strain at [email protected]  for additional information.