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McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
Driver's Ed Program
SCHOOL YEAR - as an elective for the 2021-2022 school year
Drivers' Ed Course (School Year)
Instructor: Tim Becker



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 Accelerated Summer Drivers Ed Course
Instructor: Phillip Murphy


Accelerated Summer Drivers Ed Course 2021
Instructor: Phillip Murphy
Course will include 30 hours of classroom time(online) and 5 days behind the wheel. Upon satisfactory
completion of course the student will receive a certificate of completion for Drivers Education that may be
used for insurance discounts and will also have the opportunity to receive their drivers’ license should the
instructor feel they are qualified for third party testing. Students will also have the opportunity to earn their
boaters certification.
Cost of course is $285.00 per student. First come, First Serve - No refunds
Class will be held from July 5th -9th and July 12th – 16th. (This is a 2 week course, Classroom will be
ONLINE) Classwork and assignments are due by 11PM each day of class.
There will be a limited number of spaces for this course, so please sign up as soon as possible. Registration
due by Friday, April 23th 2021. This course fills quickly.
Driving Schedule:
Driving groups and times will be available for signup via signup genie. We will release link a couple of weeks
before class begins. Students will drive 5 consecutive days either week one or two. The only time students
need to be physically present is during their drive time.
Driving groups will drive every half hour and groups will be limited to 2 due to Covid.
Course Details:
• 30 hours classroom instruction (online)
• 5 days behind the wheel instruction
• Observation of other student drivers
• Will obtain the knowledge and skills that are basic to handling a motor vehicle
• Course topics include: Steering in a straight line, steering in turns, backing, correct procedures for
right and left turns, turnabouts, driving in adverse conditions, lane changing procedures, merging
techniques, speed control, observation, attitude toward safe driving practices, parking-angle and
perpendicular, parking on hills, overtaking or passing, heavy traffic driving, driving at night, smooth
braking technique, Use of the SIPDE process, Interstate driving, obeying laws, wearing seat belt,
emergency situations, alcohol and drugs, distracted driving
*** This course is great for basic skills; however your student will still be in need of practice and logging hours
behind the wheel under your supervision. Statistics have shown that the first five years of driving are the
most critical. You can be of great help to your student by helping them in making sound judgments during this
initial learning time. During the times your student is riding with you, please point out situations that may
lead to trouble unless proper defensive driving techniques are used.
Must have learners license to attend class, please submit copy with registration, can be submitted first day of
class if not in possession of one at time of registration
No refunds will be available as this is a class very much in demand and we have to turn students away. We
will do our best to accommodate each student busy summer schedules with extracurricular and family
activities, please let us know if you have any questions. If your student participates in football, volleyball
or cheer please mark on registration. Coach Wood, Coach Hill, Coach Pannell and I all work together to
ensure all who need to take the class are able to do so.

Contact Phillip Murphy with questions or concerns: 251-445-2921