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Dr. T.J. Singleton

Agenda for Wednesday, 9/9/13

The Latin Club promotes Latin by providing tutoring for students who request it and participating in the Alabama Junior Classical League convention each spring. When possible, we will participate in the National Junior Classical League convention held during the summer. Club members participate in activities to raise funds for trips and to promote interest in the Latin language and ancient Greek and Roman culture by making trips to parish schools where they can read and act out stories from the mythology of these cultures. All members of the school’s club are enrolled in the Alabama and National Junior Classical Leagues through payment of dues ($7). Students do not have to be enrolled in a Latin class to join the club.

Recent Activities:

Ice Cream Social

 The Latin Club sold Old Dutch ice cream to help pay for travel to the state and national classical league conventions. It was a hit and the students enjoyed the ice cream during this hot Summer.

Latin Mass

The Latin Mass was held in the Toolen Chapel, celebrated by Fr. Dan. Students in Latin III and IV classes attended as well as other students interested in hearing the mass said in Latin. Check out the "Videos" section to the right for snippets of the Mass.