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NHS Moderators:
Dr. T. J. Singleton

National Honor Society Membership Criteria


The four pillars for membership are outstanding scholarship, character, service and leadership. The applicant will demonstrate authentic and ongoing evidence of all four pillars during his or her high school enrollment to be selected for membership.


Juniors who have a minimum 3.75 weighted cumulative GPA will be invited to apply and be considered for membership in the spring semester.  Seniors who have a minimum 3.75 weighted cumulative GPA will be invited to apply and be considered for membership in the fall semester. 


The applicant’s involvement in class, in extracurricular activities, in service to school and community as well as his or her entire discipline record will be considered in the evaluation process. 


All applicants have upheld the standard of academic integrity for McGill-Toolen Catholic High School as published in the Student Handbook. 


Applicants must accurately and thoroughly complete the application process, which includes securing three references from teachers, one of which must come from the moderator of a current extracurricular activity in which the applicant participates. 


The Faculty Council will review and evaluate all applications.  A majority vote by the Council is required for membership selection.





Bylaws for the H. William McAtee Chapter of the National Honor Society

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

  1. The H. William McAtee chapter will abide by the National Honor Society Constitution.
  2. Members will be selected by a Faculty Council in the spring of the junior year or the fall or the senior year (based upon the student’s application and recommendations).
  3. Once selected for membership, students will uphold the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership and character.
    • Members will maintain a 3.75 weighted cumulative GPA.
    • Members will participate in required service projects as well as individual service projects outside of Theology Department requirements.
    • Members will attend all meetings (unless they are excused by the moderator in advance).
    • Members will pay $20 in chapter dues. Seniors will purchase stoles in addition the annual dues.
  4. Officer elections will be held at the end of the junior year by majority vote of fellow juniors of the NHS. Candidates will be exemplary leaders and public speakers. 
  5. Students failing to maintain any or all pillars of the National Honor Society will be required to attend a disciplinary hearing, the outcome of which may be probation or dismissal according to the severity of the infraction.