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Ms. Beth Haley
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“The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of a nation, is close to the center of the nation’s purpose  and is a test of the quality of a nation’s civilization.”
— John F. Kennedy
McT Chorus is really a bit of a misnomer, since the choral company is made up of several different ensembles.  The students provide music for school and diocesan Masses and events, community gatherings, and participate in various choral music festivals.  The company presents a Boar’s Head Dinner each December and a musical or concert work each Spring.  Past musicals range from the silliness of Pirates of Penzance to the pathos of Les Miserables.  The company sang the Fauré Requiem in March of 2011, presented Oklahoma the following year, and offered L’il Abner as its major production this past Spring.  The singers continue to offer musical selections for liturgy from both traditional and contemporary sources, and have a particular affinity for the works of Steven Warner, conductor of the Notre Dame Folk Choir.
In choral music, as in all of our fine and performing arts classes at McGill-Toolen, we prepare students to think both creatively and critically. Students are trained to be producers of art and a source of knowledge and motivation for the community. We build on pre-existing skills and develop new ones, helping students to gain confidence in themselves and their fellow students.
We encourage the exploration of values and standards by exposing students to a broad range of artistic, moral and historic concepts. Our instructors promote spiritual and personal growth within an environment that acknowledges differences in learning styles.
We offer information and enrichment to the school and diocesan communities by providing quality opportunities for display of talent.
We encourage life-long participation in the arts, appreciation for the uniqueness of each person, and responsibility for the stewardship of God-given gifts.
We strive to reach the highest standards in all things, preparing our students for active participation in the community for the service of others.
We work to build a community of scholars and practitioners of all the fine and performing arts.
Thank you for your patronage and prayerful support.
Not to us, Lord, but to Your name be the glory.