McT Physics Team wins big at The University of Alabama High School Physics Competition!

McGill-Toolen Catholic Physics Teams Shine Bright at Recent Tournament



McGill-Toolen sent 12 students comprising three teams (A, B, & C) to the University of Alabama High School Physics Competition in Tuscaloosa on Friday, February 16.


McGill-Toolen swept the private school division, with Team A placing 1st, Team B placing 2nd, and Team C placing 3rd. Among all divisions, Team A placed 1st, Team B placed 2nd (Teams A & B actually tied in regulation but Team A won the tiebreaker), and Team C placed 4th overall (just behind Auburn high school).

Finally, McGill-Toolen won 1st place among all schools in attendance. Marvin Collins placed 7th in the individual competition, and Patrick Spafford placed 8th.


Congratulations to Mr. O'Keefe and all members of the McT Physics team! It's great to be a Yellow Jacket!


Team Rosters are below:

Team A
Peter McDonald (12)
Findlay Maier (11)
Marvin Collins (12)
Patrick Spafford (12)

Team B
Gus Grow (12)
Greg Spafford (10)
Bekah Burgess (11)
Mary Alice Jouve (11)

Team C
Murphy Douglas (10)
Nicholas Johnston (11)
Buddy Arensberg (10)
Joe Keegan (11)