Honor Roll Students


McGill-Toolen Catholic High School



President’s List - awarded to those students who maintain a 4.0 or higher weighted

average for the quarter.


Roll of Excellence - awarded to those students who maintain a 3.7 - 3.99 weighted

average and who have no D’s or F’s for the quarter.


Roll of Honor - awarded to those students who maintain a 3.5 - 3.69 weighted average

and who have no D’s or F’s for the quarter.


Students who perform superior academic work by maintaining their position on the President’s List or the Roll of Excellence for the first three quarters of the school year will be presented with an appropriate academic award at the end of the school year.



Elizabeth Anne Addison President's List
Avery Grace Agostinelli President's List
Savanah Lilian Alexander President's List
Olivia Carlita Anderson President's List
Elizabeth Frances Baker President's List
Anna Lizeth Barragan President's List
Brooke Alexis Barre President's List
Emily M. Baugh President's List
Blake Julian Bentley President's List
Mary Zimmermann Bertucci President's List
William Patrick Buschmann President's List
Nicholas Frederick Carroll President's List
Joshua Robert Carter President's List
Cecilia Ann D'Olive President's List
Sara Katherine Daoust President's List
Jayli Mariah Dismukes President's List
Matthew Mark Duffey President's List
Katherine Ann Dunne President's List
Megan Elaine Dye President's List
Kaitlyn Leigh Estes President's List
Macabe Scott Faulkner President's List
Peter David Finnorn President's List
Anna Dorothy Fouty President's List
Gabriella Maria Guardalabene President's List
Frank Nicholas Hall President's List
Thomas Daniel Hannahan President's List
Caroline Eades Harris President's List
Preston Cole Hart President's List
David Lawson Hill President's List
Lillian May Hutchisson President's List
Robert Lloyd Johnson Jr. President's List
Madison Lynn Kelly President's List
Michael Brady Kloeckener President's List
India May Lapalme President's List
Mary Alice Leavitt President's List
Emily Anne Lucas President's List
Peyton Elizabeth Mahoney President's List
Joshua Davis Maier President's List
Sarah Elizabeth Mathison President's List
Claire Frances Mattingly President's List
Breland Kate Mchenry President's List
Dakota Lee Miller President's List
Amanda Grace Montgomery President's List
Ethan Christopher Moody President's List
Benjamin Edward Morgan President's List
Madeline LePage Muscat President's List
Sarah Elizabeth Naman President's List
Tam Duc Nguyen President's List
Megan Thoa Nguyen President's List
Emily Thanh-Truc Nguyen President's List
Lucas Evangelo Nicholas III President's List
Curran Elizabeth Nicholas President's List
Sarah Catherine O'Connor President's List
Emma Frances Pitts President's List
Claire Lorraine Powers President's List
Tanner Amelia Pringle President's List
Michael Guy Rathle President's List
Caleb Carnell Roberson President's List
Annah Murray Robinson President's List
Tyler Mathew Sheils President's List
Rachel Christina Smith President's List
Tyler Grayson Smith President's List
Rosa Alexandra Somers President's List
James F. Stallworth III President's List
John Leo Strope IV President's List
Mallory Ann Tew President's List
Ruth Dickson Thames President's List
Janet Ashley Thomas President's List
Khuyen Dan Tran President's List
Dang Sy Truong President's List
Mary Patterson Verbeck President's List
Raquel Simone Waller President's List
Dalen Christian Wigley-Jones President's List
Amelia Denise Wilson President's List
Savannah Aneke Barlar Roll of Excellence
Olivia Layne Barter Roll of Excellence
Emily Eileen Bocock Roll of Excellence
Bailey Elizabeth Brierly Roll of Excellence
Kendall MaeLynn Brown Roll of Excellence
Courtney Nicole Calagaz Roll of Excellence
Margaret Louise Carey Roll of Excellence
Joseph Patrick Chambliss Roll of Excellence
Zachariah Lee Chiepalich Roll of Excellence
Sarah Catherine Catherine Cumpton Roll of Excellence
Hallet Hanlon DeMouy Roll of Excellence
Caroline Marie Galloway Roll of Excellence
Bailey Marie Gardner Roll of Excellence
James Nathan Haigler Roll of Excellence
Zachary Taylor Johnson Roll of Excellence
John Kyle Kloeckener Roll of Excellence
Brady Powell Kuhr Roll of Excellence
Phoebe Alexis Lee Roll of Excellence
Adrianne Kate Leynes Roll of Excellence
Meagan Jeanne Lynn Roll of Excellence
Elizabeth Ann Manning Roll of Excellence
David Gregory Martorana Jr. Roll of Excellence
Clifford Schroy McAleer Jr. Roll of Excellence
Christopher Riley McClintock Roll of Excellence
Kinsey Elizabeth Miller Roll of Excellence
Jessica Elaine Montgomery Roll of Excellence
Margaret Louise Mullek Roll of Excellence
Emily Anne Naman Roll of Excellence
Michael Andrew Nelson Roll of Excellence
Riley N. Panza Roll of Excellence
Ryan Taylor Ramsay Roll of Excellence
G. Logan Rittelmeyer Roll of Excellence
DeKendrick Rayshaun Ross Roll of Excellence
Morgan Caroline Russell Roll of Excellence
Rebecca Bailey Smith Roll of Excellence
Jacob Alexander Spotswood Roll of Excellence
Olivia Grace Thibodeaux Roll of Excellence
Emilie Ann Toler Roll of Excellence
Jacqueline Maxine Trenier Roll of Excellence
Marcelo Gaston Washington Roll of Excellence
Barclay Elizabeth Weed Roll of Excellence
Parker Stuart Brooks Roll of Honor
Jackson Oliver Brown Roll of Honor
Sarah Catherine Caldwell Roll of Honor
Zachary Michael Chapman Roll of Honor
William Anthony Charnock Roll of Honor
Jacob Coleman Collings Roll of Honor
John Taylor Cooper Jr. Roll of Honor
Andrew John Dunne Roll of Honor
Hannah Rae Evans Roll of Honor
Caroline Nadine Marie Forbes Roll of Honor
Catherine Rose Gordon Roll of Honor
Charles Lansing Green Jr. Roll of Honor
Kathryn Ryan Haik Roll of Honor
Elizabeth Ann Hamrick Roll of Honor
JoAnna Logan Hart Roll of Honor
Brandon Xavier Hinton Roll of Honor
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Holman Roll of Honor
Annagail Caroline Holton Roll of Honor
Rebekah Sue Keyes Roll of Honor
Eva Caroline Knapstein Roll of Honor
Jordyn Nicole Williamson Lang Roll of Honor
Margo Erin Magee Roll of Honor
Nicholas Clark Martin Roll of Honor
Sarah Anne Mecom Roll of Honor
Jonathan Tam Nguyen Roll of Honor
Sarah Jessica Pierre Roll of Honor
Danielle Ellon Ponquinette Roll of Honor
Mark Edward Prendergast Roll of Honor
Chloe Nicole Ray Roll of Honor
Christopher James Robbins Roll of Honor
Andrew John Rodgers Roll of Honor
Jennah Hope Rodrigo Roll of Honor
Joseph Kent Seiter Roll of Honor
Adrienne Victoria Smith Roll of Honor
Hope Katherine Sosnowski Roll of Honor
Jackson Porter Vailes Roll of Honor
Olivia Rose Vives Roll of Honor
Emily Suzanne Willis Roll of Honor
Annabelle Marie Algiers President's List
Amelia Martin Andrews President's List
John Alan Andrews President's List
Virginia Dorothy Arata President's List
Anna Rose Arensberg President's List
Kate Micheli Arnold President's List
Elizabeth Grace Baldwin President's List
Isabel Therese Berrios President's List
Ashlyn Kay Blankenship President's List
Dylan Eugene Campbell President's List
Claire Lyndall Cazalas President's List
Marvin Christopher Collins President's List
Ila Grace Cummings President's List
JaKayla Nicole Cunningham President's List
John Patrick Clifford Dalton President's List
Jadyn Marie Domning President's List
Courtney Elizabeth Dunning President's List
Mary Faragalla President's List
Joseph Edward Ferniany President's List
Elysa Loren Garcia President's List
Jeanne Marie Garriz President's List
Sarah De Ann Gelineau President's List
Jensen Elizabeth Graddick President's List
Brooks Keaton Green Jr. President's List
Kiara Nicole Hawthorne President's List
Andrew Brian Heller President's List
Alexandra Hayley Hirsch President's List
Grace Margaret Jensen President's List
Hayleigh Michelle Jones President's List
Chrysoula Anastasia Karavokiros President's List
Clara Louise Keaton President's List
Julia Catherine Kelley President's List
Tatiana George Kfoury President's List
Vivian Vy Kim Le President's List
Anna Grace Lynam President's List
Chase Keilan Mahler President's List
Caitlin Elizabeth Mccoy President's List
Peter James McDonald President's List
Tristan Jacob Miller President's List
George Lawrence Naman III President's List
Alex Phuoc Nguyen President's List
Emily Catherine O'Neill President's List
Lindsey Kathryn Oberkirch President's List
Rachel Frances Partridge President's List
Jason D. Pham President's List
Ronald Alfredo Piccini President's List
Michelle Marie Polczynski President's List
Ashley Marguerite Roberts President's List
Michelle Renee Roca President's List
Nicholas Vincent Schott President's List
Ann Leigh Sheldon President's List
Patrick Augustine Spafford President's List
Katherine Cecile Stuardi President's List
Helen Elizabeth Swanson President's List
Caroline Marie Wacker President's List
Alexandra Rose Wagnon President's List
Aubrey Amelia Wakefield President's List
Patrick Hamilton Wallace President's List
Andrew Charles Wentworth President's List
Joseph Anthony Westerfield President's List
John Paul Williams President's List
Cassidy Leigh Wilson President's List
Devin Rylie Wood President's List
Jack Walter Adamski Roll of Excellence
Alexia Monique Andry Roll of Excellence
Nicholas Winslow Austill Roll of Excellence
Addison Anne Baucom Roll of Excellence
Ryan Eli Bryars Roll of Excellence
John Andrew Buschmann Roll of Excellence
Courtney Nicole Calci Roll of Excellence
Sofia Rose Carlos Roll of Excellence
Katherine Aline D'Olive Roll of Excellence
Kayleigh Elizabeth Dennis Roll of Excellence
Nicholas Daniel Dunwell Roll of Excellence
Sage Marie Ellis Roll of Excellence
Kayla Lynn Ericksen Roll of Excellence
Ashley Elizabeth George Roll of Excellence
Elizabeth Louise Halliday Roll of Excellence
Patricia McLean Herring Roll of Excellence
Rachel Catherine Johnson Roll of Excellence
Sidney Renee McAleer Roll of Excellence
Ella Mary McClintock Roll of Excellence
Joseph Forrest McGuire Roll of Excellence
Ashley Lynn Morgan Roll of Excellence
Mathilde Elizabeth Marie Naman Roll of Excellence
Margaret Virginia Neese Roll of Excellence
Mulan Ngoc Nguyen Roll of Excellence
Danielle Marie Noletto Roll of Excellence
Hannah Noelle Palmer Roll of Excellence
Mya Theresa Perkins Roll of Excellence
Madison Kaylin Powell Roll of Excellence
Brendan Derek Roh Roll of Excellence
Madison Leigh Rowland Roll of Excellence
Matthew Wilkins Russ Roll of Excellence
Erica Nicole Schilling Roll of Excellence
Jeffrey Thomas Schock Jr. Roll of Excellence
Andrew Jacob Sheets Roll of Excellence
Kelsey Leigh Taylor Roll of Excellence
Eric Brandon Toth Roll of Excellence
William Burke Vaughn Roll of Excellence
Kyle Vincent Wampler Roll of Excellence
Michael Gray Wentworth Roll of Excellence
Taylor Olivia Wishon Roll of Excellence
Anne Elizabeth Anderson Roll of Honor
Olivia Grace Austill Roll of Honor
William Hutchins Blackwell Roll of Honor
Anna Mary Boucher Roll of Honor
Joseph Richard Doehring Roll of Honor
Chase Alexander Dorsett Roll of Honor
Kristina Anne-Marie Doughman Roll of Honor
Anna Kate Eubanks Roll of Honor
Taylor Ann Fridley Roll of Honor
Natalie Claire Grimes Roll of Honor
Christine E. Hearin Roll of Honor
Caroline Suzanne Huff Roll of Honor
Carl Alexander Irving Jr. Roll of Honor
William David Kane Roll of Honor
Nicolas James Pourciau Larriviere Roll of Honor
Bryceson Thomas Massey Roll of Honor
Mackenzie Nicole Matthews Roll of Honor
Jacob Loc Nguyen Roll of Honor
Katherine Janine Pond Roll of Honor
Philip Anthony Rehm Roll of Honor
Rosemary McKinney Rehm Roll of Honor
Jenna Ann Repoll Roll of Honor
Collin Tobler Schilling Roll of Honor
John Larry Simpson III Roll of Honor
Andrew Michael Snetsinger Roll of Honor
Henry David Tilmans Roll of Honor
Anna Catherine Nhuy Tran Roll of Honor
William David Walker Roll of Honor
Christian Charles Williams Roll of Honor
Logan Shepard Williams Roll of Honor
Jordan Christopher Honculada Agagan President's List
Sydney Rene Behm President's List
Virginia Summers Betbeze President's List
Connor Matthew Bishop President's List
Jacob Gilman Brooks President's List
Anna Elizabeth Bulman President's List
Rebekah Rose Burgess President's List
Kyla Lawanda Campbell President's List
Edward Kaleel Charnock President's List
Cara Ann Colletti President's List
George Robert Cowles President's List
Hannah Michelle Daoust President's List
Megan Elise Devoe President's List
Emily Maddox Doyle President's List
Griffin Anne Dumont President's List
Ann Murray Farrell President's List
Stirling Faulkner President's List
Danielle Marie Flores President's List
Rachael Therese Forbes President's List
Carolene Amy Fouty President's List
Brianna Katherine Freund President's List
Madeleine Sophie Greenwood President's List
Elizabeth Reagan Haik President's List
Christopher Michael Hites President's List
Samuel Guy Honeycutt President's List
Alex Nicholas Husting President's List
Josephine Chucri Jalkh President's List
Nicholas Daniel Johnston President's List
Mary Alice Fitzpatrick Jouve President's List
Molly Catherine Kennedy President's List
Frieda Gabrielle Kickliter President's List
Carson Elizabeth Kuhr President's List
Fabian Marc Lapalme President's List
Margaret Louise Laurence President's List
Carolyn Cecilia Little President's List
Findlay James Maier President's List
Millie Catherine Martorana President's List
Margaret Ann Maxime President's List
Caroline Grace McGrath President's List
Alayna Jade Mickles President's List
Emilia Margaret Milling President's List
Brooke Allene Morgan President's List
Matthew Timothy Niccolai President's List
Mary Keenan Elizabeth Nicholas President's List
Michael John O'Sullivan III President's List
Hamilton Gillespie Palmer President's List
Kathleen Elizabeth Fabing Pfeffle President's List
Andrew Duc Pham President's List
Caroline Foley Picard President's List
Elizabeth Ann Pryor President's List
Alexis Kathleen Riley President's List
Elizabeth Cahill Robinson President's List
Anna Lee Ryan President's List
Corinne Elise Stein President's List
Glenn Sutton Sylvester President's List
David Brown Teague Jr. President's List
Hayden Scott Tuite President's List
Liam James Tully President's List
Danny Khan Vo President's List
Rachel Elizabeth White President's List
Sydney Brashear Anderson Roll of Excellence
Catherine Garlan Baggett Roll of Excellence
William Henry Blake Roll of Excellence
Sofia Maria Ciancaglini Roll of Excellence
Jennings Ros Clayton Roll of Excellence
Brighid Joyce Griffin Roll of Excellence
Caroline Miller Hamilton Roll of Excellence
Virginia Louise Hannahan Roll of Excellence
Lauren Elizabeth Harvison Roll of Excellence
Seth Marik Howard Roll of Excellence
Matthew Bechara Jalkh Roll of Excellence
Joseph Russell Jones V Roll of Excellence
Joseph Tyler Keegan Roll of Excellence
Nathan Lee Larue Roll of Excellence
Katherine Olivia Mather Roll of Excellence
Mary Catherine McClinton Roll of Excellence
Cynthia Ngoc Tuet Nguyen Roll of Excellence
Christopher Michael Quina Roll of Excellence
Brendan Dolan Reilly Roll of Excellence
Armando Rodriguez-Castro Jr. Roll of Excellence
Rachel Grace Rosa Roll of Excellence
Stephen Straub Russ Roll of Excellence
Cameron Elliott Sanchez Roll of Excellence
Cameron Mosteller Stephens Jr. Roll of Excellence
Jacob Carter Straub Roll of Excellence
Emily Kaye Summey Roll of Excellence
Kendall Catherine Waltman Roll of Excellence
Courtney Nicole Rose Watson Roll of Excellence
William David Whitson Roll of Excellence
John Sampson Abruscato Roll of Honor
Bianca Elizabeth Alvarado Roll of Honor
Sawyer Sofge Brady Roll of Honor
Garrett Joseph Brooks Roll of Honor
Davis Bence Carroll Roll of Honor
John Brigham Cason Roll of Honor
Bay Alexander Cummings Roll of Honor
Hannah Marie Daffin Roll of Honor
Caroline Elizabeth Elliot Roll of Honor
Natalie Arnette Falls Roll of Honor
Catherine Cecilia Florey Roll of Honor
Joseph Taylor Godfrey Roll of Honor
Cecilia Renee' Herman Roll of Honor
Michele Victoria Jackson Roll of Honor
Gretchen Denise Jaet Roll of Honor
Mary-Grace Lott Roll of Honor
Dylan Matthew Petrie Roll of Honor
Angelina Noel Piccini Roll of Honor
Marion Elizabeth Reilly Roll of Honor
Grace Elizabeth Roberts Roll of Honor
Devyn Mackenzie Roh Roll of Honor
Mary Coleman Strasavich Roll of Honor
Andrew Reed Thompson Roll of Honor
Luke Andrew Williams Roll of Honor
Madison Rose Ayers President's List
Adele Caroline Baucom President's List
Claire Frazier Bolton President's List
Mary Olivette Bookman President's List
Rachel Stewart Brooks President's List
Alice Anne Carey President's List
Mary Ann Chapman President's List
Howard Danleigh Corbett III President's List
John Murphy Douglas President's List
Kristina Lee Doyle President's List
Benjamin Thomas Dunwell President's List
Frederick Preston Endom President's List
Ava Catherine Eways President's List
Emery Marguerite Fontenot President's List
Eleanor Jane Garstecki President's List
Marika Amelia Hall President's List
Michael David Heim President's List
William Connell Heinz President's List
Jackson Reginald July President's List
Olivia Paige Kelly President's List
Owen Kilpatrick President's List
Madeline Kirkpatrick President's List
Nina Viktoria M. Leynes President's List
Sean Thomas Mason President's List
Oriana Maryann Murphy President's List
Austin Tien Nguyen President's List
Rose Elizabeth Nicholas President's List
Ann Louise Ortega President's List
Joseph Paul Piccini President's List
Maggie Marie Picicci President's List
Hannah Claire Pitts President's List
Liston Maron Richardson Jr. President's List
Christopher Donald Snetsinger President's List
Gregory Thomas Spafford President's List
Savannah Grace Swafford President's List
Zachary Alexander Swann President's List
Zoe Grace Tanz President's List
Bryan Anthony Thames Jr. President's List
Kimberly Thuy Tran President's List
Anna Katherine Wentworth President's List
Benjamin Thomas Wilber President's List
Anna Elizabeth Wink President's List
Parissa Angela Aghadavoudi Roll of Excellence
Reddic Bryce Barnes Roll of Excellence
Zachary Gregory Bentley Roll of Excellence
Eden Caroline Blackmon Roll of Excellence
Charles Thomas Bridges Roll of Excellence
Haley Gabrielle Calonge Roll of Excellence
Brianna Santoria Carson Roll of Excellence
Hannah Brooks Carter Roll of Excellence
Giselle Douyon Cole Roll of Excellence
Christian Isaac Delburn Roll of Excellence
Madison Danielle Demming Roll of Excellence
Margaret Jean Dolan Roll of Excellence
Carlos Evans Jr. Roll of Excellence
Thomas Octavius Gaillard IV Roll of Excellence
Isabelle Grace Glass Roll of Excellence
Brianna Nicole Grady Roll of Excellence
Kimara Lashay Hawthorne Roll of Excellence
Hannah Catherine Hyland Roll of Excellence
Thomas Martin Jackson Roll of Excellence
Wells Allan Keaton Roll of Excellence
Julia Noelle Pourciau Larriviere Roll of Excellence
Lillian Frances Lawrence Roll of Excellence
Lauren Rose Martin Roll of Excellence
Macy Elizabeth Mathers Roll of Excellence
Charles Ray Mayhall IV Roll of Excellence
Andrew James Montgomery Roll of Excellence
Christian Blake Montz Roll of Excellence
Aidan Gerard Oetken Roll of Excellence
Haley Elizabeth Palmer Roll of Excellence
Matthew Bryant Patronas Roll of Excellence
Angel Mary Pham Roll of Excellence
Isabelle Rose Pitts Roll of Excellence
Julia Kathryn Pope Roll of Excellence
Andrew William Roberts Roll of Excellence
Rylee Marie Robinson Roll of Excellence
Emily Alexandra Salter Roll of Excellence
William Ryan Sayler Roll of Excellence
Logan Briley Shirah Roll of Excellence
Liam Charles Smith Roll of Excellence
Margaret Andrews Stuardi Roll of Excellence
Tremya Ashanti Todd-Clanton Roll of Excellence
Luke William Vailes Roll of Excellence
John Foster Veasey Roll of Excellence
Sarah Anne Marie Wallace Roll of Excellence
Brady Thomas Wiggins Roll of Excellence
Tasia Kathleen Williams Roll of Excellence
Brett David Williams Roll of Excellence
Bayleigh Ann Tacon Wilson Roll of Excellence
Korian Leon Wilson Roll of Excellence
Lilley Perez Alidor Roll of Honor
Kayla Michelle Andrews Roll of Honor
Buddy Joseph Arensberg II Roll of Honor
Caroline Mary Bartz Roll of Honor
Benjamin Austin Brierly Roll of Honor
Price Alan Brown Roll of Honor
George Joseph Burch Roll of Honor
Chadwell Alan Coffman Roll of Honor
Mary Vivian Ferniany Roll of Honor
Mary Eleanor Green Roll of Honor
Elizabeth Rivers Haley Roll of Honor
Al'Tasia Lashawn Geneva Jackson Roll of Honor
Anna Grace Johnson Roll of Honor
Adele Feore Key Roll of Honor
Mary Halladay Lee Roll of Honor
Andrew Keith Lindstrom Roll of Honor
Amanda Catherine Menton Roll of Honor
Paul Joseph Milazzo Roll of Honor
Anna Leigh Naman Roll of Honor
Albert Sanden Nelson Jr. Roll of Honor
Danielle Nicole Payne Roll of Honor
Sadie Katherine Polk Roll of Honor
Matthew Sergay Richardson Roll of Honor
Sarah Elise Willis Roll of Honor
Charles James Woodall Roll of Honor
Winston Christopher Young Roll of Honor