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Colonial Williamsburg Trip


McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
Colonial Williamsburg Trip
August 2016

Dear Juniors and Junior Parents,

Each year during the fall semester, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School offers juniors the opportunity to participate in the Colonial Williamsburg Experience which includes interaction with historical interpreters, character interpreters, and a variety of “hands-on” activities. Past activities have included: debating the merits of independence, colonial military life, colonial dance, African-American music and dance/ story telling. Students also experience dining in a colonial tavern.
This year’s trip will be from November 20 through November 26, 2016 and will include the following:
   a. Monticello - the home of Thomas Jefferson – Third President of the United States
   b. University of Virginia -- founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819.
   c. Jamestown Settlement - Native American Village, the ships, the fort, the museum.
   d. Jamestown Island and the Glass House of 1608
   e. Yorktown National Battlefield and Historic Yorktown
   f. Colonial Williamsburg - the restored/reconstructed city that served as the capital of Colonial
      Virginia from 1699 until 1780.
   g. Shirley Plantation - founded in 1613 - current mansion house constructed in 1738.
   h. College of William & Mary -- America’s second oldest college -- founded in 1693.
Students will miss two class days, November 21-22. November 23-25 are the Thanksgiving holidays.
The cost of this year’s trip will be $500.00 per student which includes the bus fare, hotel rooms, breakfast each day, one tavern lunch, admission to the places we visit, and four evening programs. Students will have to pay for their other meals and any souvenirs they purchase. We will take one bus and a maximum of 44 students. Since the above fee is predicated on a minimum number of students making the trip, the fee (once paid) is generally nonrefundable except under special circumstances as approved by the school. Of course, if a student is not approved for the trip or we do not get enough students to make the trip, then the fee will be refunded.
In order to be eligible for the trip, a student must be a junior at McGill-Toolen Catholic H.S. and:
   a. have a school determined acceptable academic, attendance, and discipline record. Also, see School
       Trips in the Student Handbook. Students will be selected for the trip based upon the above criteria, teacher
       recommendations, the order in which the applications/payments are received, and hotel room availability.
   b. Applications will be available in room 8209 beginning Tuesday, August 23 and may be returned to
       room 8209 along with the $500.00 fee (checks made payable to McGill-Toolen) beginning Wednesday,
       August 24. All applications and checks are due to Mrs. Woodard no later than Friday, September 9. If
       this deadline poses a problem for you, please contact Mrs. Woodard. Checks will not be deposited to the
       school account prior to Friday, Sep. 16.
This will be our 42nd trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We believe it will be one of your most memorable, enjoyable, and educational experiences at McGill-Toolen. Come join us for a fun-filled adventure in 18th century America!

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail:
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Abby H. Woodard
Williamsburg Trip Coordinator