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Academic Enrichment
Senior Class Moderator

Academic Enrichment- Multi Grades

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Syllabus for: Ms. Jeffrie Morgan-Academic Enrichment Program (AEP)
Course description: This course is designed to develop organizational and study skills/habits,
supplement subject-area classroom instruction, and provide tutorial support as needed. My goal is to
assist each student in achieving academic success this year.
Textbook(s): Not applicable
Supplemental materials: Any supplemental materials will be given as handouts or sent via school email.

REQUIRED class materials: homework notebook/pad or an app on your iPad (must be approved by me first), 1 pack of loose leaf paper, 2 packs of black or blue pens, 2 packs of index cards, 1 two-pocket folder. Must replenish as needed throughout the year.

Course requirements: complete all daily work assigned, keep a homework pad (checked daily for completeness, neatness, and accuracy), keep school materials/work organized, and prepare for tests
Course outline (tentative): instruction and practice in study skills, reading and writing skills, remedial

School grading system: refer to pages 16-17 of the Student Handbook
Class grading procedures: weekly grade- 55%
any assigned work- 20%
homework pad- 25%
School procedures for make-up work/ excused absences: refer to page 17 of the Student Handbook.
When you are absent, you need to email me DURING the school day to request your missed work.

Teacher specifics: You will begin each day with 10 points. These will form your weekly grade.
Points can be lost for infractions which include not completing homework, not having required class
materials, lack of cooperation, tardiness, improper uniform, and any chronic infractions.
Availability: I generally respond quickly when I am emailed; therefore, it is best if parents email me with questions or to set up a meeting.
Academic Dishonesty: Students are expected to be academically honest at all times. No form of dishonesty will be permitted. Cheating of any kind, including sharing homework and plagiarism, violates our school policy. Students who are guilty of academic dishonesty will receive no credit for the assignment, the incident will be documented on the student’s record, and the parents will be notified. For further details, refer to page 25 of the Student Handbook.