Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund

Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund

What if you could help a struggling family

keep their child in Catholic school, at no net cost to you?


If you have an Alabama tax liability, you can help families in the Archdiocese of Mobile choose a Catholic education for their children and receive credit for up to 50% of your state tax liability.  The Alabama Accountability Act, originally passed by lawmakers in 2013, allows taxpayers to donate to scholarship granting organizations, known as SGOs, who then distribute scholarships to low-income students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to use in participating non-public and public schools. Donors can count the contribution as a credit against their Alabama income tax liability.   AOSF, a registered Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) under the Alabama Accountability Act and a subsidiary of Step Up for Students will provide scholarship assistance to students of lower income families enrolled in Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Mobile.  Academics+ was created to empower families to choose a Catholic K-12 school that best suits the educational needs of their child. Students do not have to be Catholic to apply.



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These are uncertain times for everyone, but especially to students zoned to failing schools, and those whose families have limited financial resources.
We realize that businesses and individuals have been impacted financially and may not be able to estimate their tax liability, howeverglobal health threats and economic downturns do not lessen the importance of the mission of Catholic education, nor supersede the rights of parents to choose a school that best suits the needs of their child. While such obstacles make finding funding more difficult, we cannot allow ourselves to quit. Many will suffer financial hardship to due to the Covid -19 crisis, but some will not. We need to continue in our efforts to make sure our students receive the scholarships they need to return to their schools in the fall. 
We need your help!
If you have any Alabama State Tax Liability, please make a donation and reserve a tax credit today. See below
Our hearts are grateful for your support. We pray for your health and safety. 

How to Donate:


Many donors have their tax professional complete these steps for them.  But for donors who wish to contribute directly, we are happy to answer questions about the process.  Make your pledge today.


1) Estimate your Tax Liability

Taxpayers estimate their 2020 Alabama income tax liability.  If you overestimate and your donation exceeds your 2020 liability, you may carry your credits forward up to 3 years.


2) Reserve and Report your Donation

Report your donation to the state through your My Alabama Taxes Account.  Don’t have an account? Register it here.


3) Make your donation

You have 30 days to remit payment to AOSF


Please send your payment to

PO Box 59188
Birmingham AL 35259


4) Receive Your Tax Credit

Once Academics+ receives your payment, you can get your State Tax Credit.  Your donation will be verified with the State.  This will automatically generate a receipt to your “Correspondence” folder in your My Alabama Taxes Account.  AOSF will mail you a receipt for federal tax purposes.

Click here to download a step-by-step guide for donors




Please contact  Andy Ryan at (214)686-7370 or [email protected]