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COVID-19 Relief Scholarship






During this pandemic, many of our families have experienced financial hardships and are struggling to pay tuition.  We have been working with these families to provide assistance so they may keep at least one thing constant in their student’s life, and that is a McGill-Toolen Catholic education.  We have received an incredibly generous gift that will help us to do even more but we need your help.  This $175,000 challenge gift is to be used for scholarships with the provision that we solicit funds to match it so that we can maximize the impact of the gift.  We know that this pandemic is not over and the financial impact will continue through this next school year.  If you are in a position to help, please consider doubling the impact of your gift by making a donation to our COVID Relief Scholarship Fund.  Additionally, thanks to the CARES Act, gifts of cash to charity (excluding donor advised funds and supporting organizations) are deductible up to 100% of adjusted gross income (AGI).  This is an increase from the 60%AGI deduction limit.  Now is a great time to maximize your impact for our students.

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