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Phone Numbers for Legislators

Covid-19 has had a major impact on  all schools and  their students, but especially to students zoned to failing schools, and families with already strained financial resources. For the last 5 years, many of these families have been able  to choose private schools for their children with the aid of opportunity scholarships provided by the Alabama Accountability Act.


Opportunity Scholarships (Alabama Opportunity Scholarships, , Academics+, C2 and Scholarships for Kids) have been severely impacted by  the Covid-19 epidemic,   Funding for these scholarships comes from tax – credit donations.  With economic uncertainty and tax deadline extensions,  donors are currently unable to support these scholarships.


Global health threats and economic downturns do not lessen the importance of education,  nor supersede the rights of parents to choose a school that best suits the needs of their child.  A lack of funding for scholarships means many of these student will be forced to return to failing public  schools , causing a serious disruption in their education. We need to make sure our students receive the scholarships they need to return to their schools in the fall.  

The Alabama Legislature will meet today to discuss allocation of 1.8 Billion dollars of  Covid-19 Federal Relief Funding .


Please call your legislator and ask The Alabama Legislature ensures that every child in the state currently on an Alabama Accountability Act Scholarship receives their scholarship through one of the many disaster relief programs the Federal government has granted to the state. 


Senator Vivan Figures                      (251) 208-5480 or (334) 261-0871

Senator David Sessions                   (251) 208-5480

Senator Jack Williams                      (251) 649-4164

Rep. Adline Clarke                          (251) 391-6757

Rep. Barbara Drummond                (251) 472-0871

Rep. Chris Pringle                            (251) 341-1110

Rep. Napoleon Bracy                      (251) 649-4164

Rep. Matt Simpson                            (251) 751-8535

Rep. Victor Gaston                          (251) 639-2555

Rep. Margie Wilcox                          (334) 261-0577

Rep. Sam Jones                                  (334) 261-0963


You may get their voicemail box. Please leave a 30-45 second message.


Suggested Message:

Representative _____ or Senator _____, I  believe parents should be able to choose the school that best suits the needs of their child.  The Alabama Accountability Acts has provided this opportunity since 2014, but its funding is threatened by Covid-19. Hundreds of children may lose their scholarships and be forced to return to failing schools.

I ask that you vote to  designate  a portion of federal emergency funds to cover the AAA scholarship program.


Thank you for your leadership through this crisis.