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Fourth Quarter Test Schedule

At the conclusion of the second semester, the teachers will administer 4th quarter tests instead of a final semester exam during the scheduled exam days. Each teacher will determine what his or her 4th quarter test will include; it could be comprehensive, a single unit or a review of the quarter. The test will be included in the grade for the 4th quarter. The semester grade will be the average of the 3rd and 4th quarters. 
All virtual students will report to campus to take their quarter tests. They will stay on campus for the remainder of the day to attend the next day's test review sessions. Students who have been quarantined or who have tested positive for Covid at this time should contact their guidance counselor with medical documentation to make alternate arrangements.
Underclass Exam Schedule:
Monday, May 24: Regular day
Tuesday, May 25: Noon Dismissal
  • 1st Period Test 7:57-8:55 AM
  • abbreviated A-F schedule
Wednesday, May 26: Noon Dismissal
  • A Period Test 7:57-8:55
  • B Period Test 9:02-10:02
  • C Period Class for test review: 10:10-11:00am
  • D Period Class for test review: 11:08-12:00
Thursday, May 27: Noon Dismissal
  • C Period Test 7:57-8:55
  • D Period Test 9:02-10:02
  • E Period Class for test review: 10:10-11:00am
  • F Period Class for test review: 11:08-12:00
Friday, May 28: 10:02 AM Dismissal
  • E Period Test 7:57-8:55
  • F Period Test 9:02-10:02
Senior Exam Schedule: Seniors with an A average for both 3rd and 4th quarters may be exempt from 4th quarter tests. Seniors (including virtual seniors) are only required to be on campus for their scheduled tests. They may leave after the testing period is over.
Fourth Quarter Test Schedule:
Thursday, May 13
  • 1st Period Test 7:56-8:45 
  • A Period Test    8:53-9:38
Friday, May 14
  • B Period Test   8:53-9:38 
  • C Period Test   9:46-10:31
Monday, May 17
  • D Period Test  8:53-9:38 
  • E Period Test   9:46-10:31
Tuesday, May 18
  • F Period Test   8:53-9:38 
Senior AP Biology students taking the AP exam will be exempt from B and C quarter tests. Senior AP Computer Science students taking the AP exam will be exempt from D and E quarter tests.