iBook Purchase Instructions:


1.  You must have an Apple ID, which can be created with or without a credit card.


2.  Decide how you want to pay for iBooks.

  • Tie a credit card to the Apple ID, which depends on trust level of teenager. The credit card will stay attached to the account leaving the student open to purchase games/credits etc.
  • Use iTunes Gift Cards (don’t forget to factor in tax), which can be purchased through McT’s SCRIP program (located in the McT library, can be purchased anytime) or many local retailers.
  • Set Up iCloud Family Sharing and use a previously purchased book from a family member (more information below).


3.  Make sure you are signed into the Apple ID  you plan to use in order to purchase & download books.


4.  Use iBook links below to find correct book(s) and make your purchase on the specific iPad for which you plan to download the book.


5. McT highly suggests waiting to purchase these books between orientation and the first day of school using the school issued iPad. The iBooks will download on the device you use to purchase them.  


6. eBooks must be purchased from McT's online bookstore.






1. Some iBooks say "purchase from McT, not Apple", what do I do? 

  • Those iBooks have already been purchased in mass quantity by McT. You will buy them directly from school (details provided by instructor) and the iBook will be pushed out to device after purchase. Please reference the booklist for these titles. There are some iBooks you will still purchase directly from Apple.


2. I have an iTunes gift card. How do I redeem it?


3. What is iCloud Family Sharing and how do I use it?

  • iCloud Family Sharing allows Apple IDs to be nested together in a family. Ideally, parents would set up iCloud Family Sharing using their existing Apple ID that has a credit card attached to it.  Then, parents can invite or create Apple IDs for their children, which allows content including iBooks to be shared within a family. It saves you from purchasing the same text again for another sibling.
  • More information on iCloud Family Sharing: http://www.apple.com/icloud/family-sharing/
  • Setting up iCloud Family Sharing: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201088
4. What is the difference between iBooks and eBooks?
  • iBooks are interactive versions of textbooks and are specific to Apple devices. Not all books are currently available in iBook form. McT chose to utilized eBooks in some classes that the iBook are not available. eBooks are digital copies of textbooks, which are rarely interactive.


iBook Links

Book Name


AP US History


History of Women in American

May purchase print version if preferred.



Faith and Revelation

 Classroom sets available. Optional purchase.

Revelation Honors


St. John Paul the Great

Required purchase.



The Blessed Trinity

  Classroom sets available. Optional purchase.

Paschal Mystery


The Mystery of Redemption

  Classroom sets available. Optional purchase.



The Church

  Classroom sets available. Optional purchase.



Our Moral Life in Christ

  Classroom sets available. Optional purchase.

Revelation Honors


St. John Paul the Great

 Required purchase.



The Sacraments

  Classroom sets available. Optional purchase.

Latin I


Cambridge Latin Course, Units 1 & 2

Must download all stages individually.

Latin II


Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3

Must download all stages individually.

Latin III


Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 4

Must download all stages individually.