Book Ordering Procedure










Bookstore open date: June 1, 2017 with MBS Direct.

Free Shipping on orders $99 and above July 17-31st




How do I order by books?

  • Find what courses you are registered in.
    • See link on right side "Student Schedules"
  • Check the school booklist (attached at bottom) to see what texts (physical or digital) you will need.
  • Physical Books: go to MBS Direct to order. 
  • eBooks: refer to booklist. Some are sold via MBS Direct and some are sold directly from the instructor. The distinction will be listed on the book list. For more information refer to the tab on the right labeled "iBooks & eBooks".
  • iBooks: Purchased from via Apple/iTunes. Refer to the tab on the right hand side of the screen labeled "iBooks & eBooks"




Deciphering the Booklist:

  • Print: Physical book must be purchased.
  • Print or Digital: Students can use any form of this book, print or digital. You can get this title from MBS Direct or any other source.
  • iBook Required: This course uses an iBook. It is a required purchase. Purchase via Apple/iTunes. 
  • No book: There is no text required for this course.
  • Teacher Provided: Text provided in classroom at no additional fee.
  • Materials rented/purchased from instructor: Texts rented/purchased from instructor. The amount is listed in the booklist. Instructor will have specific information on this.
  • eBook Required: This course uses an eBook. It is a required purchase via MBS Direct or directly from instructor in some cases. Make sure to read the booklist to know which source to purchase from. If you purchase a hard text, it will be a supplemental source to this required eBook.





MBS Direct: (800) 325-3252

Bookstore Moderator: Mrs. Lauren Pritchett: or  (251) 445.2912