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Homeschool Information

Home School Students interested in McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

When reviewing a student for admission who is currently enrolled in a home school program the following information is required:


  • Name of student’s Cover School (example, Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc.)
  • Name of Curriculum Program (example, Seton, Thomas Aquinas, etc.)
  • Transcript of the student’s academic history in the program
  • Course description for subjects listed on the home school transcript
  • Grades to date for courses in which the student is currently enrolled (if applying midyear)
  • Standardized test scores for those tests administered while enrolled in the Cover School program
  • Transcripts from any previous academic institutions
  • Standardized test scores administered while enrolled in any previous academic institutions
Please have all documents submitted to Robin Ankersen ( [email protected] ) along with our online application.