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Capital Campaign

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Capital Campaign
 Scientia Pro Amore Dei

Arthur and Felix McGill Leadership Society


The follow donors are being recognized for their enthusiastic embrace of the vision of Arthur and Felix McGill for Catholic high school education in Mobile.  Their support  is just as transformative for McGill-Toolen Catholic in 2016 as was the founding of McGill Institute in 1896.  We are grateful for their enduring generosity and leadership. Their legacy at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School will always be remembered.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Clapper +Mr.J. Bradley Donaghey + Dr. and Mrs. James B. Donaghey, II +   

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Duffey  +  Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Franklin, Sr. + Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gelineau  +

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Harty III + Mr. and Mrs. William H. Huff, Jr. + Mr. Michael K. Muscat, Jr +

Dr. and Mrs. John M. O'Dowd, Sr. + Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Reed + Mrs. Jeanne M. Sanderford +

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Sharp + Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Stewart + Mr. and Mrs. C. L. "Skipper" Walters, Jr. +

Mrs. Raye G. White + Dr. Maureen T. Baldy and The Honorable John C. Williams + Mr. and Mrs. Curt Wilson, Jr