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Nuncrackers ~ The Musical


Nuncrackers - The Musical

Purchase tickets for our Christmas show ~ Nuncrackers, The Christmas Musical

Thursday, Dec 8 and Friday, Dec 9

Both dates show starts at 6:00pm

Toolen Auditorium

Student tickets $5

Adult tickets $8


The Story:  Mount St Helen's School and Parish present their 1st Annual Christmas TV special via cable access.  While the nuns are a bit green when it comes to using video, they make up their inexperience with grand enthusiasm and flamboyant style! 


If you know the Nunsense Series, you know that Murphy's Law is in full effect and hilarious results ensue.  Come join the Nuns at Mount St. Helen's!


*If you would like to order tickets for both dates, please complete one order form for one date and another order form for the other date.

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