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McT Prep Band/Beginner Band Agreement 2022

Fill out completely and with your child present. If no information available put and X in the box. Red asterisk means required answer. FORM MUST COMPLETED BY Septamber 30th, 2022. Required fields marked with an asterisk *

2021-2022 School Year
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There is a 4.6% credit card fee added for each tranaction.

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By clicking yes: 1. I understand by submitting this form below I am agreeing that I have read the entire prep band handbook - and will pay all money before or by SEPTEMBER 30th 2022, or I have made the initial payment and previous arrangements prior to SEPTEMBER 30th. The band fee is mandatory by the McT Prep Band Program and is essential for the McT Prep Band Program. Fees are not refundable. 2. I also accept my role as a member and parent of the McT Prep Band Program. I will follow all rules, policies, expectations and instructions, given to me by the band director, sponsor, staff, and chaperones. 3. I have read through and marked my calendar with all the rehearsal dates and concert dates and I understand the attendance policy. 4. I take full responsibility for my and/or my child’s actions if these rules are not followed, I further indemnify the Archdiocese of Mobile, school administrations, Mr. Noah, Mrs. Hall, and/or Ms. Reinhardt from any claims, actions or suits if my child breaks any Prep Band policy.*
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